March 23rd, 2012

Harry Potter is me!

Hello! :)

Hello! I have posted in here before and I was actually able to meet some few people whom I was later on, able to be friends with. Maybe the thing is, I have been wanting to revamp my livejournal again, and I was also hoping to meet new people and new friends that I can also share my daily life with. And why don’t I give this a second try then? Okay.

I am David, 17 years old and a student nurse from the Philippines. I only have two years left and I’m finally done with it. Hopefully, if things turn the way I am expecting it to, I might pursue Medicine in the future. I have been on Livejournal for the past 2 years and four months already and I can say that it has been so great really. The idea of people coming from different parts of the globe and taking time to find out about the current happenings in your life is really something to be happy about.

I have always been fascinated with the medical field so if you are into a healthcare profession, chances are, we’re more likely to get along. I adore medical dramas, I fancy Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice but I will always be a die hard fan of The Amazing Race. I wish to become a contestant in the future. I’m a booklover, and The Time Traveler’s Wife, Dear John, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, The Lost Symbol and The Harry Potter Series are some of my favorites to name a few. I admire Nicholas Sparks, I have a signed copy of his recent book, The Best of Me. And J.K. Rowling, I thank her for sharing her magical story with the muggle world. Harry Potter has been my childhood and it is really one of the best things life has given me.

And lastly, I am a writer of sorts, I do creative writing on Tumblr. I write poems, prose or even my thoughts and views in life in a sort of literary way. Writing for me is something I have a very little degree of prowess on, so I wanted to improve and even make it as my side profession in the future. And I guess that’s it. I’m pretty random and my life isn’t that interesting, but I will always try to make it one, at least on the virtual world. So people, I wanted us to become friends. Have a bliss!

Steve wha?


So this is a completely new and empty journal. I'm not new to LJ though. I had a journal back when I was in my first year of highschool haha.

Andy (or Andie)
✩ 22 years old
✩ Sells online (my job)
✩ Would love to have her own business.
✩ Oh yeah, I'm a girl haha. Andy/Andie isn't short for Andrew in my case.
✩ Irish german

✩ Fandom (active fandoms are under cut below this)
✩ Writing originals, sometimes fanfiction
✩ Anime, JRPGs and manga (Lots of romance/comedy manga and some action/comedy anime)
✩ Crafts
✩ Drawing, sometimes fanart as well!
✩ Singing
✩ Some american dramas
✩ Music of just about any kind
✩ The paranormal
✩ Html/css and making graphics

Collapse )

✩ Pics of crafts
✩ Some memes
✩ Life rambling
✩ Things I write or draw
✩ Graphics/Codes I make
✩ Fandom rambling (sometimes flailing, I'll be honest. It stays under cut though!)
✩ Anything else I found amusing or interesting (articles, pics and stuff like that)

✩ Please be aware of the fact that I'm bipolar and I sometimes deal with depression. I keep a separate journal for that, but I'll sometimes write about it in my posts if it's really persistent, or if I need suggestions/advice. Usually I'm pretty upbeat though :D

Can't say I'm the most interesting person ever, but hopefully there's something here that sparks your interest? 
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My F-list has been quite inactive lately, so here I am once more looking for new friends.

Something about me:
-20 years old
-Slovakia, middle Europe
-university student, 1st year
-studying Visual Arts and English Language & Literature
-tea-addict and a book-worm
-a proud Plague Rat
-people say I'm old-fashioned, I think they're just too futuristic
-Art Nouveau Girl
-fan of classical music
-my days are spent with pencil in one hand and tea in the other
-owning a Russian dwarf hamster, Amy (named after Dicken's Little Dorrit)

And what you shall find in my journal?
-my silly life as it comes and goes (family, friends, uni...)
-random thoughts
-my drawings, fashion designs, photos

-stuff I found on the net and had the need to share...

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I am not new to LJ, but I did get a new journal. I'm looking to start fresh and add people to my journal. I'm 31 and live in California. I write mostly about my life at work, school, over coming depression and struggling through it. I also write about entertainment and reviews which I would like to start doing of books, cds, and movies. I also talk about traveling when I do it, and whatever I feel up to updating about. I do read entries and try and comment. Below are a few things that I do like:

Harry Potter, Daniel Radcliffe, Tom Felton, Rupert Grint, Prison Break, Wentworth Miller, Shia Labeouf, Hunger Games, Misfits, Fawlty Towers, Ricky Gervais, Glee, Jamie Cullum, Coronation Street, Brooke Vincent, Sacha Parkinson, Robert Sheehan, Carey Mulligan, Ernest Hemingway, Cormac McCarthy, James Franco, tea, writing, reading, concerts, movies, novels, classic novels, Father Ted, Seinfield, Dawson's Creek, rain, photography, etsy, pintrest, tumblr, travel, Community, Hitchhiker's Guide, Boardwalk Empire, Vampire Diaries, Arctic Monkeys, Jeremy Irvine, hockey, Boston Bruins, NYC, Boston