March 24th, 2012

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Hey there. My name is Ashley, but I go by Ash or Dodge. I'm not new to LJ. I've had many journals over the years that I've left behind for one reason or another, but now I'm looking to start anew with new friends. I'm 25, living in New York with my mom and our Maltese puppy.

I mostly blog about my life and friends, and have recently started posting video blogs. I swear sometimes and talk about sex, drugs, drinking and politics. On occasion, I post icons and fan fiction. If any of that bothers you, then may I suggest passing up on friending me. I update pretty frequently, though I do have a week here or there without updates because of work.

I like Alice in Wonderland, video games, body modification, hockey (especially the Buffalo Sabres), Once Upon A Time, The Walking Dead, Adventure Time, motorcycles, punk rock and everything Disney.

I really dislike waking up early, spoof comedy movies, Easter, red meat, cold weather, cheap beer, racism, Tea Party politics, ignorance and the Twilight series.

If I sound like your kind of person, head here and leave me a comment. :D


Hellooooo Friend!

Hello & Mucho Gusto! 
Since my interest list is constantly growing, I've made it a habit to post here every few months in order to find people who share my new interests =). My unofficial name is Zia.By unofficial I mean everyone calls me this both on and offline, despite it not being my real name. I turn 24 this year and am doing a major over-haul on my life. It's not that I'm unhappy, but I just want more out of life. People after all, can change, right?  I live in both Japan and Florida. What do I mean? I'm currently in Florida but have an apartment in Osaka. I spend my life traveling back and forward between the US and Japan. 

Thanks to my horrible memory, I've grown to love both blogging and photography, and heavily use both in order to help document important moments and events in my life. In other words, I'm an active blogger! And refuse to leave LJ, despite the groups of people flooding to tumblr and dreamwidth I blog about my daily, shojo-esque life. There are tons of guys in my life who constantly drive me crazy, but I wouldn't be able to live without them. I also write about how life has changed since my boyfriend was killed during the Tohoku Earthquake in Japan.
I enjoy cute things! My first language is Spanish, but I blog in either English or Japanese. 

On  to my interests~! 
Big Bang, Chris Brown, Nicki Minaj, Acid Black Cherry, Arashi, Kat-tun, Akanishi Jin, Cobra Starship, David Bisbal, DBSK, The Goo Goo Dolls, Hilchryme, GReeeeN, Jacks Mannequin, Kana Nishino, NERDHEAD, P!NK, SNSD, Taylor Swift, The Verve, 2NE1, Beyonce, Adele, Carrie Underwood. Also, anything remixed by Epitome on Youtube! 

ANIME, DRAMAS, MANGA & MOVIES (Because lately, they're all related!): Sailor Moon, Shinzo, Wolf's Rain, Samurai Champloo, Gravitation, Orphen, Appleseed, DNAngel, Hana Yori Dango, Ouran High School Host Club, Godchild, Nana, Paradise Kiss, Ororon, Absolute Boyfriend, Aishiteru to itte Kure, Asuko March, Atashinichi no Danshi, Brother Beat, Buzzer Beat, Gokusen, GTO, Hungry, Last Friends, Love Shuffle, Samurai High School, Summer Snow, Voice, X-men, Crows Zero,Crows Zero II, Kimi ni Todoke, Koizora, House of Flying Daggers, Dark Crystal, Leap year, Something borrowed, Tangled, Disney Movies, Miyazaki movies....

 I love any game involving music and dance. Example! Guitar Hero, DJ Hero, Just Dance.... I'm also still a huge huge huge fan of old games such as Mario, Donkey Kong, and Crash Bandicoot. Of course, I also enjoy Marvel games and Final Fantasy.  Hmm...I guess...I should also admit that I would much rather play games at a game center than in my room. 

Other:  Canoeing, Fishing, Teas, Tea Ceremonies, Dancing, Writing, Photography, Hiking, Camping, Shopping, Karaoke, Painting, Talking, Writing letters, Traveling, Collecting passport covers, maps, shoes, Theme parks, Festivals, Cooking, Cleaning, Rock Climbing, Beaches, Lakes. Cudling with my dogs, the paranormal. 

My journal is unlocked, so feel free to take a look first! I only want serious friends =) Thanks! 



Hiya! I'm Tristine.
Here's my face:

  1. I'll be 20 one week from today! Woot!
  2. I've had lj before and am ready to start anew.
  3. I'm currently studying abroad in Scotland (I'm from Ohio in the states), so most of my posts will probably sound very tourist-y for the present (expect pictures).
  4. When I'm not doing the American tourist act, I will probably be blabbing about music and stuff on the telly.
  5. I've played piano for about 15 years now, and used to play viola and clarinet.
  6. I'm an English and economics double major, music minor, so my life is fairly busy, but I will make time for new friends. =]
  7. I just like the number 7.