April 1st, 2012


Hey, all

My name is Alison, & I'm a 21 year old University student.
(Studying French and International Studies, but I promise, that will be 5% of what I care to write on)
I'm sort of an, "all over the place" type of person;
My journal entries will bounce back and forth between being overwhelmingly pleased,
to dealing with the aftermath of my impulsive nature.
I love photos. I love videos. I love posting both.
& I love viewing both.
I both like and dislike a great variety of things 
& I'm told often I'm very eccentric. Whatever that implies.

In terms of what I'm looking for in an LJ friend...
Someone literate. Please.
Of course, someone not boring, but that's given,
& I dislike adding people, and hearing nothing from them!
My click was then a pointless gesture!
I'm sarcastic, so if you're easily offended...click away.
I'm also someone who, more than dabbles in things classified as "immoral"
I do not want to be lectured, or told what is wrong.
I don't buy into any of that, and I'm far too bent on living my life to take much heed to any "warnings"
Fairly warned. :]

Also, I'm "new," so be patient with minimal amount of entries thus far--the flood gate will open.

So, add me on my friends only page if I've caught your interest!