April 7th, 2012

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My name is Babar and I am a 24 year old lady. I used to have a LJ back when I was a teen and I updated it all the time. I loved it and it loved me. But then I got a job and went out into the world and I sort of lost the time to update. But I missed having a journal and I liked the idea of going back to those halcyon days. I wanted to rant and rave to people I didn't have to see in real life, so I started up babar_babar and here we are. 

I haven't got any LJ friends and to be honest, as crazy as this sounds, I have sort of liked it that way. No need to worry about what I say I suppose. But it's gotten pretty boring and I'd be lying if I said I didn't like attention being paid to me so here I am. Looking for friends.

Some basic facts.

-I like the usual stuff. Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Mad Men and RuPauls Drag Race are my absolute favourites. 
-My updates tend to be about generally mediocre happenings in my day to day life. 
-I don't write fanfic or make fan art because I have no talent, time or patience.
-I'm a feminist and proud of it so don't add me if you like to post hilarious jokes about rape or you talk a lot about Chris Brown or Twilight. Sorry, not my thing. 
-I study Arts/Theatre and I have a boyfriend. LOVE HIM. He's pretty great and he cooks dinner most nights and usually makes the bed for me. Living the life.
-I am a CumberBitch and proud. He's way hotter than you think and TALENTED. 
-I love food. LOVE IT. Love love love love love it. It's so good. Pizza? Holy moly. Send it my way. Chocolate? I'm already eating it.
-Ryan Gosling. YES YES YES
- Dogs>Cats
- Sirius/Remus 
-I often restructure and rewrite sentences if there is a word in the original sentence I don't know how to spell.
What else? I don't know. Check out my LJ and profile or ask me stuff. Ask me anything. I won't promise I'll answer it but I can try.

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I am autistic and I have a good number of mental illnesses. PLEASE do not add me because of my disabilities. I am only bringing this up because I do not want to be a trigger for people, m'kay? :)

ALSO, I do not want to add any men. I just don't feel comfortable reading or writing things with men around. It's like...I like to have a girly club. XD

Moving right along...

My journal will contain GIFs(usually just one, but if there's more they'll be under a cut) at the top of the post sort-of like a 'header', ramblings about my day, posts talking about my health, ramblings about anime/manga, D&D, LOTR, learning Japanese, Japanese things beside the before mentioned, my spirituality, and there's not a rule as how I will post. I am tired of people influencing me, so one day, I might post a picture of flowers at the top of my post, and another day I might post a Legend of Zelda GIF. :D I'm tired of others ruling my life.

What I like:

Cowboy Bebop, Lord of the Rings, D&D(movies, game, PC games such as Neverwinter Nights and D&D Online, oh, and LOTR online), Scientific American magazine, Wired magazine, Cardcaptor Sakura, Trigun, The Slayers, SCANDAL(j-pop), Perfume(j-pop),'90s alternative(RHCP, Pearl Jam, Collective Soul, Soundgarden, Stone Temple Pilots), reading and book collecting, books by Shannon Hale/Jessica Day George/Cornelia Funke, Nintendo DS/Gamecube/N64, hot pink/lime green/in-your-face-yellow, NewType, Japan/learning Japanese, fantasy, sci-fi, Douglas Adams, Monty Python, and other things not listed but you will find them in my journal.


If you'd like to be my friend, please comment here or on my FO post before adding me. :)

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Hey Everyone, 

Im Charlene but I prefer to be called Char. Im Canadian. 
Some of my favourite things are penguins, stars and music. Im learning to draw so you may see some pics of my art. 
I just came back to the online journal world so Ive had a couple of "venting" posts but they aren't all going to be like that. 
I like just having somewhere I can actually put my thoughts down and not have to worry about offending anyone or worrying if I should say that or whatever. I need just one space where I can be me. Id prefer you leave a comment telling me you'd like to add me just so I know. I find it hard to connect with people in day to day life because I just don't like the mind games people play. Hope to hear from some of you :)