April 23rd, 2012

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Hello everyone, my name is Keely and I'm just an average girl living in an average world. I have had LiveJournal for 4 years but I made this new one because I've changed so much over the past year. I will post my thoughts, quotes that make my life better, music I love, my writing, fanfiction and other things. My Journal is friends only so if you like what you hear just leave a comment and I'll add you. I'm nineteen years old, living in Australia and I love reading more than anything else in the world. I'm studying English Lit and I will comment on your entries often. I'm really bad at about me's and I never sleep. That is all.

Greetings and salutations, oh great internet

I have been writing my own blog for a number of years. Some posts still exist – others have been consigned to history. Over the years I have written at Blogger, Wordpress, Yahoo 360, LiveJournal, Vox, and various other popular destinations. Little trace remains of huge swathes of the inconsequential garbage I have turned out. At the moment I mostly write at Tumblr, but I'm giving LiveJournal another shot.

I’m not really sure why I write a blog any more. I guess it’s a place to think out loud. A place to talk incoherently as the crowd passes by. A place through which my thoughts, ideas, opinions and observations can be found, dissected, laughed at, argued with, and ignored.

Enjoy the stuff I share, and feel free to get in touch – I’m usually sat in front of a computer, so some form of IM can be used to distract, charm or annoy me (various methods are listed on the contact page).


I'm 25, I live in Canada, I work, I smile, I frown, I do, I wait, I read, I think, and many other things. I am human and I like having human friends. May sound strange but the world is full of crazy alien people. And no, I'm not alien-obsessed; I actually hate the supernatural crap.

I'm on LiveJournal often, I like reading & commenting, I like having close friends. I like active friends. Active friends doesn't mean commenting on every entry, it means being active and getting to know someone. Means caring. I comment often and I like to get to know my LJ friends.

I am more of a hermit than a go-getter, I am more of a caring person than a selfish one, and I am a good person. I write about what bothers me, what happens in my life, and what I think about. Sometimes happy, sometimes sad, and sometimes random.

I look forward to getting to know some new friends. :) Please comment if you're going to add me.

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About me:
I am half American & half Russian (My Dad is American and mom is Russian). Half of my life I lived in US and now I live in Russia. I am 24. Books, music, friends, movies, traveling, theaters and cars is my life.
I have my own opinion and hate when people expect me to agree with them. I don't judge people. I just say what I think. 
I talk about all kind of things in my journal from the color of a chair in my appartment to politics/economics/global problems.

Active, crazy, smartt person. You have something to say to this world. It doesn't matter where you live and what you do. If you are interesting to read and talk to I am the one dieing to know you! 

I don't post every day. It depends on my mood. The same goes to commenting. 
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