April 29th, 2012

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Hi, I'm Jessica. I am a
- 21 year old college student
- Currently living in California
- Recently changed major to computer science
- * Looking to do computational biology or AI

Topics of writing vary
- Lately I have been worrying about school and grad school apps
- And friends and social things. Basically normal college stuff
- Occasionally I post about mental illness but I have been recovered for about 2 years (yay)
- Sometimes I post three times a day, sometimes three times a month. If we get to know each other maybe we can start talking offsite and have a more consistent relationship

Hobbies also vary
- I like board games, my favorite right now is Dominion but chess and Scrabble are fun too
- I like some TV (Big Bang Theory, Two and a Half Men, starting to get into How I Met Your Mother) but I never post about it so it doesn't matter
- I love reading Quora and (every so often) College Confidential
- but I think my favorite thing to do is go out to eat with people and play DDR

Other facts
- I have an entire Facebook album devoted to cat pictures
- My two deepest relationships were with people on the autism spectrum
- My favorite food is Thai curry...and sushi and dumplings and burritos and ice cream and Thai iced tea

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, add me if you want to get to know each other better :)

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Hi everyone!

I have been on here a couple of times and got some really good friends so I am back again! I am currently on maternity leave and am on LJ quite a bit now so I would love some new friends and new journals to read.

I'm 29 years old and make my way in Sydney, Australia. I am married and have been for nearly a year and a half now and we are expecting our first bundle of joy in less than 2 weeks! We don't know if we are having a boy or a girl, but we have got the names picked out for each...although I am dying to go out and buy cute little girl or boy clothes! So my journal speaks a lot of my journey through my less than orthodox pregnancy ( I've had gall stones which hasn't made life easy at all) and into becoming a mummy.

I am a university student and am studing Journalism and Media and Cultural Studies with hopes of working in the entertainment writing. I have had to put my studies on hold this year for the bub and will be going back in March next year. I have a now casual job in retail, which I really can't stand because of the way some people think they can treat people who work in the industry.

I also LOVE movies and am a complete movie buff. I love anything old Hollywood, but my obsession isn't just restricted to that period. My favourite films are Gone With The Wind, Breakfast At Tiffanys, The Philadelphia Story, Lord Of The Rings, Bonnie & Clyde, anything Hitchcock and anything Charlie Chaplin. As far as TV goes, I am Game Of Thrones and Mad Men obsessed at the moment.

I read a heck of a lot too. I read anything and everything. I am trying to get to 50 books read this year and I am on my 25th so I tend to talk a bit about what I am reading at the time too.

Plus, I used to live in Los Angeles in 2008 and sometimes I float back into dreamland and wish I was still there! I love going on holidays as well and am hoping after I have the baby and two extra surgeries after the birth I can take off to Queensland for a few days. Not straight away, but at least in the 6 months before I go back to work!

If you would like to be friends, just comment here!

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Hello lovelies c:
I wrote the below over a year ago, for a stamping community thingymabob (whatever happened to them?! they were so much fun!) but oh well, it still applies :3

Ho hum, erm...
I'm generally described as quite a sweet person; I care a huge amount about my friends and family and generally see the good in people and think everyone should be given a chance. I can be a bit of a pushover at times but that's not all there is to me - I'm surprisingly daring, and up for almost anything. I don't like myself much, but I like a lot of things and people, and I can see beauty in so many things that other people just seem to miss. I'm quite a romantic person but can't really see anyone ever falling in love with me; what's to love?
I love the beach and the sea. I love beautiful sights and bright lights and big cities and losing myself. I love my friends and family - they mean the world to me. I love cats. I love adventures. I love feeling like I can do anything; like the future's filled with infinite possibility just waiting to be explored.
I don't like myself. I don't like what I see when I look in the mirror; I know I shouldn't be superficial and it's what on the inside that counts and all, but I can't help it. I hate maths and sprouts and bitchy, arrogant people. I hate being around certain people half the time, because they just make me feel so fucking useless and pathetic. It's just a pity I love those certain people so much, isn't it?

This wasn't in the adding comm thing, but just a tad more about me:
I love Skins, Harry Potter, The Hunger Games + One Direction, + I'm a huuuuge sucker for reality tv c': music - I love so much music!! most music really. obviously 1D as I already said, I love music from most genres really. Easily pleased c': I'd never look down on people for their music taste, cos it's subjective and if it makes them happy it's good enough for me!! c:

I use this journal to ramble away about my dull little life c': I have some super wonderful people in it though. I do have some issues but I'm a lot better than I used to be :3 I haven't been posting as much lately because I've been so busy with offline life but I'm gonna try and change that xD
ALSOO, the basics-
I'm Emily. I'm 15, in Year 10, so I'm studying for my GCSEs at the moment. I LOVE dance more than absolutely anything in the universe and it's my dream to be a dancer<3 I live in NW England. I'm probably straight but I wouldn't ever rule out being with a girl and I don't think anyone should, sexuality's fluid and I don't think it should matter really? Love is love. I'm single, eh, it's kind of complicated, but yeah, I'm single. I'd totally totally love to read about all your lives and chat with any of you so please let me know if you're adding me and I'll add you back pronto :3 

ナルト ★ AHM Buddies!

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After watching the tumbleweeds blow past my journal comments, I decided it was time that I finally took the plunge and try this out.

First of all, don't even try to pronounce my username. It does look like EvilIce but no, its not that. A gold star if you actually know what it is. (Gold star may not be honoured.)

Random Things About Me.

- Early thirties, brain is still thinks its mid twenties
- Australian, mate
- Love gaming (not that I'm really good at it) and Asian culture
- Recently started back at university
- Changes fandoms almost every second week
- Works for an ISP so you want some internet troubleshooting... don't ask me >|
- Biggest accomplishment is getting her iPhone's dictionary to auto correct the word "fapping"
- I don't post too much about real life because, lets face it, I am boring

My journal is mainly public, only more personal stuff is under friends lock so look around and if you think you could handle that, comment and add me. (I do get weird people add me since I moderate a community so the comment is loved, otherwise I will mistake you as a crazy and not add you back.)

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Hi everybody.
My name is Cat, I am 27 years old and I live in New Jersey.
I've been on lj for a few years, lost gained and lost friends here. Looking for some more friends.
I use to post a lot but then I moved, then we didn't have a computer but we now have a laptop so I should be posting more often,
BTW I live with my fiance and our 2 puppies. That is what I mostly post about, plus my crappy job, family issues, you know, the normal things. I also enjoy the occasional meme or survey and picture posts.
Oh, and my favorite band is Hanson. Get over it.
Check out my profile, my page is friends only.
Add me?

btw here's a pic of me and my baby

and here's a pic of our babies
Otis is an 8 month old Puggle and Daizy is a 2 1/2 month old Pitt Bull mix



Hi everyone!
My name is Emily. I'm 22, a full time college senior, and live in Wisconsin.
I'm majoring in Business Administration & minoring in Public Administration.
I won a big competition at school and belong to 3 honor societies. I'm proud of my accomplishments because I almost dropped out of high school.
I have been dating a great guy named Dave for four months.
I have a bubbly personality, am a girly girl, love shopping, am addicted to Coach as well as Sephora, have 3 tattoos and will only listen to metal and rock music. I know, a lot of people say that doesn't go together =P
My hobbies include listening to music, being with my best friend Tara, going to coffee shops, shopping, and I go to as many concerts as I can. Next up is Chevelle and New Medicine.
My posts include all of the above, rants, raves, pictures, etc.
I've made some amazing friends on LJ and am looking to expand that.
I comment when I have something to say and expect the same.
My journal is very dear to me. I share personal things in it I sometimes don't tell anyone IRL. For that reason my journal is friends only and I expect the contents of my journal stay in my journal.
I love politics. I side with Conservaties on economic issues and Liberals on social issues. However, nothing makes me more angry than government handouts, so I vote Conservative.
Knowing that, I say what I want and don't censor myself. If you're easily offended it'd be best not to add me.

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If you think we'd be good friends please add me. Comment here or on my friends only post. Tell me that we met here and a little about yourself. I won't accept random adds.
I'm looking forward to making some new friends ♥

In need of friends to chit-chat and do other hooplas.

Hello! My name is Charisma and I'm interested in meeting/knowing more lovely people. I've been dealing with a dead friend's page and really need to do something about it. ♥♥♥

About Me:
21-years old. Female and loves it. Curvaceous. Bronx, New York resident. Queer but mostly into girls (possibly a lesbian but right now I'm taking it a day at a time to find out). Certified Medical Billing and Coding Specialist. Currently a paid intern as a medical coder. Aspiring journalist/reviewer and singer-songwriter. Ultimate foodie. Down to earth, mellow, and very caring yet I have my sarcastic and random moments sometimes. 2 Broke Girls fanatic. Opinionated. My journal will consist of talking about what's going on in my life from wanting to date, hanging out with new friends, going out and traveling more to working at my internship, pics of food, random stuff, me, and many other things.

Likes :
Singing and songwriting. Guitar playing. Listening to music. Eating. Drinking soda and Red Bull. Drinking raspberry beer and Bacardi Silver wine coolers. Rum and coke admirer. Sipping on a tasty caramel latte, frappe, or macchiato. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World movie. Chilling at home. Going out for a nice walk especially. Traveling for food, drinks, novelties, and other stuff when I have cash. Nice smelling people. Kathy Griffin. Elliott Chang (if you know who he is, then I'll love you and we MUST become friends). Lisa Lampanelli. Gabriel Iglesias. Comedians and comediennes. Glee. Freaks and Geeks. Family Guy (step it up!). The Boondocks. 2 Broke Girls. RuPaul's Drag Race.  Mob Wives. A whole lot more.

Dislikes :( :
Homophobes. Racists. People who expect me to be on here every waking minute and then delete me if I'm not. Sexists. Miserable people. Rude people. Douchebags. Bible thumpers. Liars. People who don't use or have a conscience. People who talk just to hear themselves talk and try to appear tough (pathetic). Grapefruit. White chocolate. Coconut candy. Hypocrites. If you have any questions or want to know more about me, just ask! My journal is Friends Only. If you want to be friends and see everything, feel free to add me and comment here so I know. I'm into really knowing others. I comment whenever I have something to say, but you'll hear from me. Sometimes I'll be out due to being busy. I have a life outside this journal y'know, yet I'm still active.

So now that I've said that you've been warned, don't add me and then delete me because I'm not posting or commenting every other minute or day. I'm EXTREMELY serious about that so pay attention to what I wrote here!! 18+
are welcome to my LJ!

Well now then... let's be friends! ; )

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Hi I'm Erin :) I'm 20 from New Hampshire, and a Liberal Arts major. I've posted here before and made a lot of awesome friends so I hope to make more! I'm not really picky about what you're into or your age/gender or anything like that. Although I can be a little cheeky, I'm also extremely nice and I like everyone. I just ask for people who like to comment and make me feel like I'm significant in the world or something because I like to do the same. I'm really not into the whole adding people to make my friends list bigger thing. I'd love to make friends that I can be actual friends with, even off LJ!

Anyway, a little about me:
- I'm long distance with my boyfriend who is in the Navy. I talk about him a lot, though I don't think I'm sappy? I'm moving to where he's stationed in September, which I also talk about sometimes because my family is not supportive. I'd also like to add that we've hit a little bit of a rough patch, which has made up a lot of my entries lately - but I do not *bitch* about him.
- I love tattoos! I have four of them myself and many plans to get more.
- I love photography and post pictures somewhat often.
- I work as a free sample lady at a big box store. It's a pretty interesting job, and I do talk about it if I have any fun stories.
- I live with my older, highly over protective and mildly controlling dad. I talk about this occasionally.
- I'm the youngest of five - four girls (20, 27, 40, and 40) and a boy (20). I'm closest with the 40-year-olds!
- I battle with social anxiety.
- I very rarely post things about my day-to-day life; lately it's been a lot of thoughts about various things.
- There is very little drama in my life, which is amazing considering my age. If that's what you're looking for, sorry!
- visual! (clickable)

Also, I do have a few entries in my journal that are public, feel free to take a gander if you wish! :)

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Hello all~
I'm Sarah, turning 23 at the end of May. I'm getting my MLIS at Pitt right now and will be graduating come August.
I'm a full-time student, have an internship in an archives and a part-time job in retail.
I complain and post stupid shit in my lj, though much less recently than I used to.
I tend to have a slightly apathetic/complacent attitude towards things I suppose. Just in terms that I'm lazier than I should be haha though who isn't really?
I'm a homebody, plain and simple. It's rare that I really want to go out and do something, though it does happen. I just need someone to do something /with/ which tends to be a problem.
I like my shopping and my cleaning, both are good stress-relievers.
I like my night-cheese and boredom showers, as does Liz Lemon.
I want to go to there.
I pretty much walk everywhere.. so walking to work/classes and then my job is all the exercise I get/need.
I live by myself and really enjoy it. I'm an only child, so I'm used to being alone. Just nice to turn to the internets for rage times :)
I used to be into cosplay and video games and fanfiction and all that jazz.. Now I've dropped most of it by the waste-side and have become a jaded individual who just wants to get on with life. Not that I don't have my nerdy moments, my sense of humor is probably one of my better qualities, least I think so.
Don't have a ton of friends locally.. rather I don't really see people anymore now that we're all working. Sucks being an adult x)

So hi!
Please use proper grammar, be educated in some manner. I don't care if you're a highschool dropout as long as you contribute to society and are active in something. I don't care if you don't post too much, cause I sure as hell haven't recently.. my life is pretty repetitive at this point (>_<)