May 7th, 2012

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Hey, I guess.  I'm Sam.  I'm 17 (practically 18), a soon to be college student (hopefully double-majoring in English and creative writing), and an inhabitant of Massachusetts.  I'm a bit of a shut-in, OCD, and neutrois (in less obscure terms - genderqueer), with my orientation being asexuality.  I'm also an atheist so I thoroughly enjoy talk of philosophy and existentialist whatnot.

As for what to expect from my journal - my current goal in life is to become a novelist, so I might post about writing, or books.  It's also likely that I'll ramble about whatever it is I'm studying.  Or something entirely random.  I don't really know but it's not all guaranteed to be interesting.  I also have some emotional issues that might come up - although I'd like to think I've developed better coping mechanisms.

I just like interesting people, and interesting conversation.  Not that I'm exactly a chatterbox, I don't have that much energy.  I'm not a reliable/consistent commenter, but if I have something to say then I will. 
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Let's Be Friends


My friends list needs a boost. I have been on LJ for over 10 years now and my friends list has become dormant.

So if you are a regular poster please add away...

About me:

I'm a 40-something, married mother of 3 boys. I married my best friend when I was 23 and haven't looked back since. I have a full time job working in an insurance office. I live in a village in Warwickshire, England.

My hobbies include photography, music, writing, films and books.

My journal mainly consists of day to day entries and photos. I'm quite the optimist so even if I've had a bad day I'll try and see the positive!

I'm not very good at selling myself am I?

At the minute, any one on my friends list reading this will be thinking "well she never comments", which is true. But this is going to change and I promise to comment if I read your entry even if I just say "Hi".
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Hey guys,

It's a familiar story- I've been around forever and a lot of my original readership has left so I'm in search of fresh blood. Here's me. Ignore the daft expression- it was a photography thing.

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Richard, 28, Manchester, UK, liberal, atheist

I took up photography a year or two ago and I've really fallen in love with it. I post a lot of photos to my journal but I tend to keep it to one per post and one post per day to avoid spamming your friends' page. Sometimes I take pictures of buildings...

Sagrada Familia HDRHDR Sagrada FamiliaHDR Town HallHDR TokyoShibuya Crossing
...and sometimes I take pictures of people:
Christmas PartyChristmas PartyJulieLeahVictorian Self Portrait

Other than that, I love to travel (I usually manage to get to at least 3 countries over the course of year- my record is 10), I go rock climbing twice a week and am coming up to my first real set of exams in Japanese. I also like music (electronica mostly, some rock) and film (pretentious stuff where noting happens. Slowly. In a foreign language.)

I'm pretty much open to have anyone add me but confess that I do find journals built solely around your kids or your fandoms to be somewhat... inaccessible. I've met some great people through LJ and I look forward to adding you to that list. Cheers!