May 20th, 2012

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Hi All –

I am a 30 year old female from Connecticut; name is the username (not married/no kids/no cats :D).

I am really looking for people that write a lot. To me, there is no such thing as 'too many' posts in a given day. I am also looking for some substance. Sure, meme's and quizzes are fun now and then, even the news is great...but if that is all you post 24/7 with no 'you' posts ... then I'll probably end up skipping your entries.

Things I love: My family/Friends, nature, writing, reading, television show squee-ing, movies, hanging out with people I care about, photography, being silly but also knowing when to be serious, thunderstorms, music (Pandora ftw), swinging on swings, finding the perfect rock on a beach full of shells, pens!, flip flops, driving around aimlessly, singing at the top of my lungs in the car even when the person in the car over is looking at me like I’ve lost it, sheep!, shopping for everything BUT clothes, daydreaming, sleep!, boredom—some of my best ideas come from being bored, playing video games (WoW, BF3, Diablo 3, SIMS, etc) … and so much more I can’t list them all here.

Things I write about:

Work – I’m there 40 hours a week; it’s a big chunk of my life.
Activities – Going out to movies, eating out, hanging out with friends/family, road trips, etc.
Photography – It’s been a few months since I’ve taken photos (not counting my brother’s TOUGH MUDDER), but when I take photos, I sometimes share a few.
Journal Prompts – I have this “app” on my phone that gives you a daily prompt—I sometimes answer them.
Video Games / TV Shows – I really do love video games. Right now I am into World of Warcraft, BF3 and Diablo 3. I still dabble in SIMS when it decides it likes to work. I also have my favorite TV shows that I sometimes blabber about: Vampire Diaries, True Blood, Game of Thrones, NCIS… and others, but those are my top four.
Writing – I write (well, it has been a while), fiction. No fan-fiction, though I don’t mind reading it. Occasionally I’ll also poop (yes, poop) out a poem.
Random – I have been known for my occasional random entries; music video/lyrics, random news stories, random jibberish that probably only makes sense to me (: etc

That's me in a nutshell. Not that you can truly tell a whole lot about a person in a short blurb, but that is the fun part, getting to know each other. My profile is ancient, but a lot of it is actually still true. If you feel we’d mesh, feel free to add (: Oh and my journal look is currently ‘under construction’ so ignore the mess (:
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I'm Thorne.  26, I own my own business, and have a six-month old son.  I haven't posted any pics of him yet, but then again, my journal is fairly new.
I write, paint, draw, do Tarot and other divination readings and other things when I have free time.

Check out my profile and public entries for more information about me.

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Hi! I'm Tracey, I'm 24, and I'm from Chicago. I just started working in advertising, which sounds a lot more exciting than it really is. It's nothing like Mad Men so far. I live with one of my best friends, so that's pretty fun most of the time.

I've been around LJ for 8 years (geez, where is my life going?) now, and on this particular journal for 4 so I'm not one of those people who has floated in and out. I'm really interested in getting to know the people on my friends list. I like to interact with people, so I kind of want people who are interested in the same thing. I write mostly about whatever is happening in my life at the time, so probably quite a bit about my new job. You don't have to be identical to me because it's fun getting to know people who are really different.

Things I like: music of absolutely all kinds, but especially indie. I'm not a snob about it, though. Biking, swimming, running, going to the beach, hanging out with my friends, laughing hysterically over web junk, rock climbing, horseback riding, tattoos, reading, writing, trying to be in shape, my dog, traveling, England, and a whole bunch more things that are probably in my profile.

Things I don't like: racists, homophobes, any kind of bigotry, close-minded people, lobsters, centipedes

Disclaimers: I'm agnostic, liberal, don't really like kids (though these aren't things I talk about a ton), and I drink. If any of that bothers you, please don't add me. 

But if any of that sounds remotely appealing, add me! Just be sure to comment either here or on my friends only post.