May 31st, 2012

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HI. I haven't done one of these for quite some time, and i've been giving serious thought to doing it so here we are! I'm hoping to make some new LJ friends, since my list seems to be dying down or not updating except maybe once every few weeks~!

So, about me: I'm late 20s and I live in a smaller community in Oregon. Luckily the spot i'm in, I can just hit the freeway and I'm good to go anywhere. I love going places----tourist stuff? whatever! I go for the shopping, food and picture taking with friends! clubs! oogling cute boys!) and going to concerts so it works out pretty good for me. Sadly the last year or so its' been pretty slow for the two but i'm always keeping eye out for a live.
I work in a (smaller) grocery store, the chain only being in part of California, Oregon, and part of Idaho. I've been there ten years, and i'm constantly complaining and ranting about stupid customers and rude behavior. ;D The great thing about this job is that its basically prepared me for almost any sort of person so I can handle most situations!

and, more recent sterotypical shopped self-pic that is my norm oh hai ->
sorry about that.

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Hi! Mt names Melissa or Missy or hey you!! A lil about myself.....
I live in Tennessee
Mom of one spoiled little boy
Love all different types of music
Pagan but would never put others religion (hope others would do the same for me)
Animal lover
Play cod black ops all the time
Rant about my everyday life
Bipolar and BPD
Anything else you would like to know feel free to ask me :)
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