June 5th, 2012

New to this.

I never know what to say when doing an "about me" type thing. I'm quite new to the LJ site, I have been using Xanga for the past 6 or so years, but I've grown tired of it and needed something different.
-I'm 21.
-I'm married, he's in the US Army.
-^^^ he will be getting out officially in August, but we are moving back to TX in July.
-No children, but we are TTC.
Interests include reading, blogging, traveling (though I've grown tired of it since making the 17hr drive from NC to TX 4 or so times now), working, mental health, Cosmo magazine, animals, piercings, tattoos.
My journal is simply an outlet for my thoughts, it's not full of fan fiction or anything of the sort. Boring? Maybe sometimes, but I'm not here to entertain anyone.
I love talking to new people, just leave a comment if you plan to add me. I don't bite..hard :)

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Hello! I'm Kathy, 24, and I live in Oklahoma.
I've been on LJ for about 10 years now, so I'm not going anywhere. I update at least a few times a week. Quite a few of my friends have dropped off, so I thought it was time to find some new ones. :)

A few things about me:
I'm a roller derby noob, so I post quite a bit about that.
I'm an Army wife.
I have three cats<3
I have a degree that is gathering dust, as I currently work in retail.
I tend to ramble on about different things.
I tend to swear quite a bit.

And I'm absolutely terrible at describing myself.
Larry armlink - by pfodge

Hoping to add some lovely new people to my friends list...

Hi all,
I'm Misty. I've had my LJ account for over 7 years, and while people come and go from LJ, I always love making new friends :-)
I'm from Australia, I'm 32 years old, BUT I fangirl like an 18 year old! lol
My LJ is mostly fandom, with just a bit of RL mixed in.
Over the years I've had a lot of fandoms, and tend to revisit most of them from time to time.
I'm a huge geek, and love everything from Star Wars and Doctor Who, to The Avengers and Harry Potter!
I read A LOT!
I love pretty boys (especially pretty gay boys).
My main fandoms are:
One Direction (yes, I know I'm old, but I love them and I ship these guys like crazy!), Queer As Folk, Supernatural, Glee, and Adam Lambert.
Most of my posts are open, only RL stuff is friends locked.
Feel free to come over, have a look around, and comment! I love comments ;-)
Hope to meet some of you soon :-)


Hello there! :) 
If I could just take up a little of your time :)

FIrst of I am drkkizzes12 but you can call me by one of my names LACHELLE (which im proud to say means SMILE in German). I have been a member since i can't remember but i mellowed down for the past 2 years so now i want to start over my blogging and meet more wonderful people here. I am a second year college student here in the University of the Philippines Diliman taking up BS Biology (i'm hoping of  becoming a doctor someday!) 

How to describe myself...
I AM IN LOVE WITH BOOKS. actually, anything that is written. i love reading. I have read and ADORED the Mortal Instruments Series, Hunger Games Trilogy, Study Series, Forbidden (Tabitha Suzuma), Veronica Decided to Die, Living Dead Girl and more)

oh yea, one more fact. I HAVE UNIQUE TASTE in reading. hmm.

I also like ANIME. I'm an average otaku. I don't cosplay and go to conventions but i just like watching some series and reading mangas like INUYASHA! Naruto! Soul Eater, Full Moon wo Sagashite, Oresama Teacher, Hatenkou Yuugi, Seiyuu Ka, Ouran HSHC, The Wallflower, The Liar Game, The Library Wars, Akatsuki no Yona etc.

I'm not crazy about music but i have a few favorites (Evanescence Songs, Taylor Swift Songs, Paramore, Secondhand Serenade, Owl City, Adele and sometimes just theme songs from animes and cartoons: BANANA SONG from Despicable Me!)

I like/want to travel. Anywhere with beautiful and heart wrenching views :) Yes, i believe that BEAUTIFUL STORIES ARE MOSTLY THE SAD ONES. I hate and love those kind of stories in a way that i almost don't want to know the ending but i still continue because i know that it'll be worth it. 

I usually think of nonsense - sense things. I like Philosophy - the scienc of no answers but of questions.
This is one of the reasons why i write. I want to express my self and then see how others see it. I just write about issues and problems i think are worth thinking about so I'm not actually writing just to gain some favor or some kind of web popularity i just want to know if there are other people who thinks and feels the same way as i do. Those who don't are also welcome of course. I'm not always right anyway :)

So...i think that's enough info about me...so if you want to get to know me more..please do add me :)

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