June 10th, 2012

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My name is Lisa
I am 30 years old. .
I was born, raised and living in Wisconsin
I am single since 2005
I am child free
I am a former cat owner, but Morgan will remain in my heart forever.
I am a college drop out, but they haven't seen the last of me.
I am an artist and a ghost hunter
I love interior design.
I have an addiction to tea, southern, asian, and italian foods
I hope that one day I'll adopt a child. I was abandoned by my mother at the age of 14 and I hope I can give another abandoned child a new life.
I am a music junkie. Symphonic metal, 80s rock, heavy metal, punk, alternative, oldies, 90s pop, and even the mellow stuff. However, I hate country and boy bands with a passion.
I love my family, although, at times they drive me crazy.
I am shy and quiet at first but when you get to know me, I will open up.
I love thrift shopping. who knows what treasures you may find dirt cheap?
I just moved from a hellish environment to a much better place a month and a half ago.
I'm not very popular but I'm okay with that. As long as I have a few close friends in my life then that's all I really need.
-I love world history, ancient history, mythology, geography, art, creative writing, philosophy, law, or any of those types of subjects. However, I hate math with a passion and I won't touch that with a hundred foot pole.
-My favorite shows: Married with children, The Tudors, Big Bang Theory, Sailor Moon, law and order svu, south park, beavis and butthead, xena warrior princess, dragonball z, House MD
-My favorite Movies: Pan's Labyrinth, Amelie, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Labyrinth, Nightmare Before Christmas, The Lion King 1 and 2, Aladdin, Knocked Up, The Princess Bride

Things you may find in my journal:
-I mainly use my journal to vent about my problems and other things that is going on in my life. Writing is sort of my therapy...

-Occasional talk about my artwork

-My days

-Family and friends

-Photo posts of my decorating

-Photo posts of my thrifted treasures

-Will contain photo posts of any significant events that may happen

-My dreams. I'm a bit of a psychic so I make a documentary of them to see if they become reality at some point later or not.

-My lifelong battle with having a speech impediment, learning disabilities, depression, anxiety, and a minor case of fetal alcohol syndrome

-My rants with the Republican Party... I'm rather Democratic when it comes to politics.

-My life as a Christian. I am not obsessive with going to church or will I ever be a bible thumper, but I will write about my struggles with faith, my questions, my doubts, and those other times when I lean towards agnostic beliefs. I guess I'm just trying to understand exactly how God works yet I love to learn how other religions are like too. I welcome it all.

Note: My journal used to be an open journal but ever since I ended a friendship 7 months ago, I made it friends only to prevent obsessive stalking. If you'd like to add me, please do so and leave a comment in my friends only entry. Thank you.
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I hate doing these but it must be done! :O

I am a 22 year old female who posts daily and lives on the outskirts of Chicago. I post a lot about PTSD, depression, Anorexia recovery and other dark things. If you don't like to read about that stuff or don't care, don't bother friending me. I live with my family. I'm going to a community college for phlebotomy and will be transfering to a university to become a physician's assistant. 

Dogs. I have 3 (2 weiner dogs, 1 old Golden)
Dancing, all kinds. I do it all the time.
Adult Swim.
90's shit.
Piercings, tattoos, hairdye and haircuts.
Kim Deal
Clothes? Maeby?
Aimee Mann
Animal Crossing

This journal includes serious conversations about tough stuff including rape, sexual abuse, family/friends using drugs/alcohol and my relation to that, suicide, urges to self-harm. I have many friends who have survived similar things on here and are great people. We love to lolz with each other, support each other. I write many of them (penpals).

If you would like to be a pen pal, plz message me :D
I love cute stationery and pens and stickers.
My desk is lterally consumed by stationery stuff, so...

I am an artist. I doodle. Do you doodle? You should doodle.
I play guitar and sing. By myself, and also in a band. We gig on the weekends.
I've loved only one man but we're not together anymore.
I have dyed my hair many colors.
I'm lonely and angry and troubled, but I am alsom
ore awesome
than any of

I love friends who are not afraid to be who they are around me, IRL or on LJ.

Consider me, fools!
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I don't do these too often, but it's about time.

I'm in my mid twenties, I live in a small town in England, and I live with my boyfriend and our pooch. He has two children but they live with their Mum, we see them often. As a person I'm incredibly shy, but I love to read about other peoples lives and hope mine isn't as boring as I think it is! I blog about many things, though I'm not really a fan of memes or fandoms ... I'm sorry! I do love playing videogames (Xbox and PC based) so sometimes they do find themselves in my journal.

Other than that, I'm an aspiring cook, I love interior design, and I'm going through a bit of a bumpy time in life at the moment so I'd love to meet some new people. ❤

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Ok here goes...

Hi guys, I'm Frank, I'm 22, I'm living at home again after splitting up with my long term girl friend (it's pretty shitty). My parents are divorced and my mum's disabled (just FYI), I have five younger siblings who I adore, but would be a lying arse if I didn't add that on most days I would happily throw them out the window, and not feel bad for at least an hour. I like films, only really tend to read the labels on the back of packets, to tell my mum how many calories there are in them, I'm a bloke so of course I work out, I love to go out for a drink with my mates, I lived in Aus for three years, my parents last ditch attempt at fixing me up (Pfft they've clearly never been!) I was a difficult teenager but I'm ever-so-slightly more sorted now. Errrm what else? I sleep walk, and have been known to puch people in my sleep, and no before you ask thats not what ended my relationship (Hmmm thats a thought) anyway, my life has become a bit more interesting since moving back home, I've found a new love of healthy breakfast cereal (I know! Go figure) and I tend to watch peppa pig dvd's in my pj's with my five year old sister.
  I spend most days with my old man, helping him fix other peoples cars, it's actually really dull, so having someone elses life to read about would be awesome! As you can probably tell I rabble on about all kinds of boring shit, so if it doesn't bother you add me! Tell me a bit about yourself, I've had to do it so it's only fair, come on guys don't be shy!

Have a nice day x