June 20th, 2012


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Hey everyone!

I think it's time to make a new friend post because a lot of my friends have faded away from livejournal which is pretty sad!

My name is Jenni. I'm 23 and I live in Victoria, BC, Canada. I live alone with my cat Flapjack, who is a pretty hilarious cat. Sometimes he likes to knock down cereal boxes while I'm sleeping but most of the time he's friendly. I work an alright job that I don't talk about too much 'cause it's kind of dull. I'm pretty bad at keeping my life together and I can't even figure out how to keep plants alive. I'm really good at video games, though, so I'm pretty sure it all evens out right?

I like music and I love reading! I'm looking for GoodReads friends as well, so might as well link you to my profile! http://www.goodreads.com/jellopy

I like Doctor Who and Board Games, I like flying kites and spinning until you get a little sick. I like the ocean an awful lot and I'm really glad to live in a place where I'm practically surrounded! I like steampunk things and I'm addicted to reddit. I'm super good at origami and super bad at remembering that I have vegetables in my crisper.

Anyway, you're probably nice! I think everyone is typically pretty nice so let's be friends! Just add me, or post here :) Thanks for reading!
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Hi! C: *waves*

Huda, 15, high school, psychologist wanna be (or at least I thought so, now going for animation), Muslim but I hope that doesn't get between us, people's beliefs have never really bothered me.
My journal might be depressing for some people, I'm truly sorry for that. It's because I resort to writing to get the endless thoughts somewhere out of my head. Sometimes it might make sense and sometimes not; I'm just not so capable of opening up, even in my journal. (But if something doesn't make sense and you ask I'd answer with the whole story, most of the time)
I love music a lot and I use it to get what I'm feeling through because sometimes it's just easier. So I put a lot of music quotes and lately even my own lyrics thoughts, I think they suck, but still right?
Anyway, I'm insecure bout lots of things and so that comes up a lot ,so if you don't tolerate that sorta thing then maybe we won't get along much, sorry. 
I love learning bout your life but I forget easily (Not because I think it's unimportant or anything but just because I really have a bad memory -which's also the reason I sometimes write with too much detail so I won't forget) so I hope it won't be a problem if I ask the same questions again sometimes.
Finally, I love hanging out and making some friends, like, not just commenters and stuff, so tell me a bit bout yourself and I hope we get along! :)
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Alright, I've decided to give LiveJournal one more try. So here goes:

Hello, I'm Bette. I'm a 22-year-old nursing student, originally from Belgium but I've left my heart in Oxford. In my spare time I enjoy obsessively buying cook books, traveling whenever the bank account allows it, belly dancing and jewelry-making. I also like remembering useless facts, falling arse over tit on a regular basis, doing pirouettes in the middle of a hallway and giving proper hugs to friends. Preferably friends who are a little bit awkward about hugs. Makes it all the more enjoyable~

Hand-written letters make me ridiculously happy. I adore costume dramas. (Downton Abbey ftw) I prefer winter to summer. I've been a tiny bit obsessed with Audrey Hepburn since I was a little girl. I will read anything written by Jane Austen, Nick Hornby and Roald Dahl. I'm currently trying (emphasis on trying) to play the drums which is as it turns out not nearly as easy as it looks.

Well, that was quite terrible but don't let my silly introduction deter you from adding me. :-)