June 24th, 2012

tv | bb louise&gene.

I love their swagger.

I'm Ashleigh. I'm 19, and I currently reside out in Canada. I'm happily taken by my boyfriend. My dream job is to be an author/editor. I have the best combination of being a geek, while also being a nerd. Avid reader. Writer. Gamer. Blogger. Photographer. I'd prefer baking over cooking. I love monsters, especially zombies. The Walking Dead. Bob's Burgers. Futurama. I love Disney (Especially Toy Story, Nightmare before Christmas, and Beauty and the Beast). I dream of going to Comic Con in San Diego. I also dream of being in a zombie walk.

I'm looking for friends who share my interests, and those who update often and don't plan on leaving after adding me. If you think we're a great match, then please comment here or on my journal, and I shall add you! ♥