June 27th, 2012

Giving this another whirl...

So I've had a couple go-rounds with LJ in the past (the most recent one wrapping up a couple months ago). I suppose I go through cycles of questioning the benefits of spending more time online, but LJ really helps connect you to people who "get" you while allowing you to continue to rant and rave after you're done bitching to work/classmates and friends during the day :-) . Plus you get to learn about everyday life in different areas of the globe and offer your experiences in return. It's a nice little lovey-dovey world-shrinking get-together :-).

Haha...anyway, I'm 26 and I work in the library system outside of Seattle processing orders and alternately enjoying the quietude while dealing with bouts of tedium. It's a great job, though, and I love the access to information and great people.

I have interests all over the board. As far as TV goes, I like dramas and particularly spring for premium-channel series like Game of Thrones, Homeland, Big Love, Dexter, The Wire, etc. In terms of music, I will literally entertain anything (short of screamo or thrash or Justin Bieber; interesting grouping there, huh?) Movies - as long as it has a plot with some intrigue (and holds the romance), I'll watch it. Very into sports and have gotten more into video gaming in the last few months after having rediscovered the Civilization series. Now that is the most addicting game of all time, hands down.

To sum me up, I suppose I'd say I have an open mind and will try most things once (and I'll bet you are thinking of one of the few things I WON'T try as I type this. Sorry, ice cream and broccoli do NOT go together). I will read and comment on your entries, but probably not every day. I probably won't post every day either, and likely won't talk about the mundane happenings of my day. I usually go a little deeper than that, asking why guys have nipples and why people wildly swerve in and out of traffic to save a minute or two of travel time.

Sooooo, without further ado, here is a photo of me petting a Boston Terrier: