July 4th, 2012

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looking for new friends

I'm Amanda, people call me Mana. I'm 27. Looking for new friends. I'm not gonna lie sometimes I don't post or comment all that often. That's not say I don't read my friends ljs, I do, just don't always know what to say. I'm a little nerdy, I like to read and write. I'm constantly reading numerous books at the same time as well as writing numerous stories. I sometimes feel I have too many ideas that I just can't seem to form them into much of anything. I watch movies and tv. Hang out with my friends and family. Music is an obsession of mine. I am constantly listening to it and always looking for new music. I have to admit sometimes I am late to the party in finding some artists. I'm a bit of a gamer, love video games. Especially the GTA series. Wanna know more feel free to add me! :)
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I'm looking for friends who actually update, comment, and want a real friendship.
Don't bother adding me if you're going to update twice & leave LJ forever, thanks.

Now that that's outta the way...

- My name's Samantha- it feels icky to me, so everyone calls me Sam.
- 21 year old pagan girl from Tennessee.
- I live with my boyfriend & our BFF.
- I haz a cat named Gypsy Magic.
I often sing to her in a baritone voice, pretty sure she hates it =]
- I'm against hard drugs, but I smoke weed.

I enjoy :
hello kitty, my little pony : friendship is magic, supernatural, desperate housewives, weeds, learning new things, video games, reading, collecting things, drawing, coloring, painting, music, cooking, baking, silly dancing, piercings, tattoos, scented candles, incense, shopping, cook-outs, swimming, singing, funky jewelry, etc.

This is my face.

Comment here or on my friend's only page if you would like to be friends, please<3

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Hello hello! I, like many others here, have found a lot of great friends through this community and I'm always looking for more :) my name is Erin, I'm 20 and I live in New Hampshire. In September, I'll be moving to Georgia where my boyfriend (who's in the Navy) is stationed. Long distance relationships are tough and, although I don't consider myself sappy by any means, I do talk about the struggles as well as the good times. I work as a free sample lady, which is interesting, and I'm a full time Liberal Arts major because I have commitment issues and I don't want to get a degree in a certain field and then be stuck there. I like photography and occasionally post photos. Other things I enjoy: tattoos (I have four), reality TV, cooking shows (Gordon Ramsay's shows are favorites of mine), the English language/writing, nail art, polar bears, tigers, chimpanzees, and Harley Davidson t-shirts.

Something I should warn you all about is that I have severe anxiety and it is not unlike me to post long, emotional rants and then delete them an hour later, although I do leave them up sometimes. But I'm extremely nice to everyone and I'm looking for legitimate friendships, not just usernames on my friends list.

Feel free to add me; I am not picky.

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