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I'm Amanda and I'm 20 (almost), Canadian (born in Abu Dhabi, UAE), studying Psychology/Biology, and all around socially awkward person that has never been on a date. I need more blogs to read. 

Why can't we be friends?


          My name is Yanira. I am 22. My parents are Dominican/French/Spanish and I was born in Brooklyn, NY. Since then I've moved precisely 29 times, this includes 4 countries. I am in love with languages and am proficient in 6. 

          I work from home as a aspiring fashion designer, still a rookie (hence aspiring). I graduated from FIDM two years ago. I have a weekly craft club so I don't loose my sense of community (another reason why I so adore livejournal).

          My greatest love would have to be films. They really stir up my imagination. On average, I watch 1 per day. My favorite categories would have to be: foreign, comedy, romance and science-fiction. I'm a huge Twilight Zone fan. My style is very 60's. My icons include Anna Karina, Brigitte Bardot, Natalie Wood and Audrey Hepburn.

          I consider myself a great friend. I try my best to stay a positive thinker. Even if that means living in my own little world. I have, how you say, nerd tendencies.

          I listen to The Supremes on a "showerly" basis.
          I'm a big-picture kind of gal and well, I've ran out of things to say!

          Friend me if you'd like, I like profiles of all kind really. I consider myself a philanthropist but nearly all my friends are misanthropes. I try my best not to waste your time, I do read entries but I only respond when I have something to say.


PS: Nearly all my good smiling pictures have other people in them. I promise I'm a little more enthusiastic than this photo depicts!
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looking for some new friends.
my name is ashley, i am a junior in college. i love fandoms. especially harry potter, disney, moulin rouge, nicole kidman, titanic, kate winslet, leonardo dicaprio, movies in general. i love old films ranging from the 1930s to the 1950s. i love i love lucy, bewitched, get smart. i love a whole lot of things. i am a christian, but i don't judge other people as long as you dont judge me. i like sports, reading, writing, the beach, and shopping too. i will add just about anyone. trying to get back into journaling over here.

July Greetings

I'd like to give this another try. I don't come and "recruit" often here because I have a hard time introducing myself and what I'm about.

Alright, I'm 26...I've stayed in school and I'm about to get my undergraduate degree soon with a career that I've decided to dedicate my life to. Its also a career that's very underestimated and important. I live in one of America's most populated famous cities and have a love/hate thing for it. I'm outdoorsy, artsy in my own way. More like, I'm artsy minded. I have trouble pursuing the arts, not because I suck at it, but because I torture myself out of it. I do plan to start playing guitar again as a means to rediscover that part of me.

I write about my day on occasion, life updates, love, and especially life. I tend to keep my entries brief. I'm not materialistic at all, but I do save up to have really cool things every now and again. I watch no TV at all (although I'm excited about Breaking Bad coming up...but I don't have cable). Have a few nerdy interested here and there. Music-wise, I'm a little stuck in the 90's. I'm opening up to mellower horizons.

Oh, and I'm a woman. I suppose that when you turn 26 you become a woman. I thought adolescence was rough. No, this mid-20's shit is. I've been through alot, and I know more is coming, and I'm not afraid of it. Life has thrown me a lot of curveballs and it's only made me skilled enough to swing them away from the field & make homeruns.

I prefer to have friends who speak English, talk about music or art, science.
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