July 26th, 2012

You can just call me Blaze...

I just started this blog today. Uhm. I'm 16. Everyone seems to be in their twenties, so I feel extremely young... I live in Texas and I got to a self-paced school. 

I guess what I really want out of this is reassurance that I'm not the only one out there? If you get what I'm saying, then you get what I'm saying. Haha... I really hope someone does. I'm kind of have no one else right now.

Support will always be great. Though I might seem super depressed and stuff, I really do enjoy being happy, though it rarely happens. I'm easy to cheer up, but I'm always.... Down. I just feel so empty and alone, I guess. But nothing I can't handle. But like I said, support is always nice^^


Hi, my name is Beatriz. I'm 22 years old and I'm currently studying Fine Arts in Texas. I live in Mexico.
I enjoy photography and share lots of pictures of my dogs and niece - if you add me you will probably end up tired of looking at those.


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So, don't be shy, add me, I think I'm a nice person.

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Hi, Im Oleg, 21 years old. I love to meet new people, especially who have positive thinking. Most of my entries are about thoughts. I like to think a lot, I like to share thoughts and get other opinions. So, why you'd like to add me:
- if you are not going to delete your journal - be sure, I'm gonna post here forever
- if you like to think and share thoughts - I definetly want to read this
- if you are a positive person - we gon' be the best friends, I guess
- if you watch TV series - I love it
- if you ascared of your obsessness - I'll tell you about mine, lets be ascared together!