August 1st, 2012


i'm returning to this journal after a little time off.
i just recently moved back to my hometown after seven years of being elsewhere. things are exactly the same and incredibly different at the same time.

in my journal i am slightly crude and inconsiderate. i am not religious and i like to swear. i smoke pot and i hate overly sensitive people. i'm not a mean person, though, and i especially would never leave any rude comments. if it gets to where i feel we aren't compatible, i'll simply remove you from my friend's list.

my interests include but are not limited to:
naps in the sun
cats, especially mine
black ops
sleeping as much as possible
summer and everything to do with it
naps with my kitty
music, concerts, festivals
in case i haven't mentioned it, sleep

Need Moar LJ Friends!

It seems like after leaving LJ for a few months that all my friends have stopped updating their journals, so here I am returning to LJ in full force hoping to meet more people in the process!

Specifically, other than online friends who update their journals regularly, I'm looking for advice and encouragement with my change in lifestyle, diet, etc. I'm going through a "thing" of sorts that is going to lead me to some interesting things to write about. Also, I'm hoping to be more regular with updates (and I have), but mainly my journal's gonna be about my "transformation," if you will.

Anyways, a few facts about me:

Alex, 33, Single, Male, living in Southern California
Loves theme parks
Loves movies
Loves music
Loves comics
Loves video games
Has a podcast
Is, categorically, a transgender MtF (but not intending to transition, i.e. no hormones, no surgery, etc)
Currently in the process of moving to another place in Southern California

At any rate, hope I meet more people here! I'm hoping to learn a lot about other people and have some interesting conversations with everyone I meet! My journal's friends only, so comment on here and I'll add ya! Thanks!

Hey :)

My name's Lauren. I'm 20 and I speak French. 
I love Canada, France, and any type of forest. 
I want to believe that magic exists, that there's werewolves and wizards and fairies. 
I love Harry Potter, Twilight, and reading in general. 
I like being optimistic. 

Just got back on LiveJournal and would love some online friends :)