August 2nd, 2012

back on ij after years of being away!

hola friends ;) my name is Nichole I'm 25 (26 tomorrow!) and currently live in Hawkins, Texas with my soon-to-be hubby. originally im from Kentucky (go big blue!) and am pretty easy going. I'm back on this server because well, insanejournal is starting to bore me and i'm looking for 'real' friends vs rp ones.

i love video games, all kinds of music, anything nerd or dork related, tattoos, ontd, and everything between.

im looking for REAL people with a zest for life who want REAL friendships!

detailed intro about me!~

ive been on a hiatus due to lack of internet for a few months :( but i recently got it back so hey, lets make new friends!

My name is Kelsey, ive found some people here call me River or Iris which is also fine with me.

WORK HISTORY : i worked for my grandfathers movie theater for about 6 years, ive also held a few jobs along with that just for extra money (burger king and a catalog sales rep., and at one point a day care person at a gym) i recently quit a job were i was a nurse's assistant at an assisted living home for the elderly. i actually had a job interview today for a data entry desk job at a local factory (oster. they makes blenders, toasters and hair care products and just a variety of things)

FAMILY LIFE: my parents have been divorced since i was 3 years old. i have a brother who is 18, and a half sister who is 14. my mother is 38 and my father is 42. (i am 20, soon to be 21 in september) my mother is in the middle of her second divorce as of recently. i currently am not really speaking or visiting much of my family, mostly my father and his wife. ive always had issues and fought with them often. the current reason is because they disapprove of me living with my boyfriend,zach who is 29 and quite older than me.

LOVE LIFE: really only been in 3 serious relationships counting the one im in currently. (by serious i mean ones lasting longer than a few months and actually growing into love and whatnot) they are in order and how long we were together as follows (keith 2 & 1/2 years , chris 1 year and 3 months, and my current boyfriend zach, 3 months with whom i recently move in with) ive have two other "boyfriends" jeff 3 months, and tyler 9 months....i was a freshman in high school and sophomore in high school for those two.....but really they were just hand holding and kissing during school type things....never really did much outside of that...maybe a few times but it was so brief i wouldnt consider it serious. i also didnt lose my virginity until i had finished my first year in college....i feel pretty proud of that fact.....not many women can say that...not that its something to brag about...but still worth mentioning i think.

HOBBIES/INTERESTS: reading;im a bit of a book worm. writing( i was a english major in college; which is on hold as of now), knitting, cooking, baking(i bake a decorate cakes professionally as a side job at my home) certain video games, trash tv (jersey show, the hills, teen mom, any kinda of show on TLC, ect.) i like educational tv as well, and the classics like friends and that 70s show and stuff. i enjoy shopping for things to decorate the house and new clothes, music(dave mathews, jack johnson, P!ATD, cobra starship, K'NAAN, mumford and sons, joshua radin, otis redding, nirvana, third eye blind, kesha, NewS, k-tun, so spastic with my taste in music it depends on my mood what i like at the time), sew/crafting, currently ive gotten into gardening a bit, i have a herb garden and ive planted flowers and ivy :)

im just a girl with a strange taste for life....

trying to do the right thing and be a good person is important to me. i have a facebook and tumblr if you want to add me just ask! :)

sorry for the long-ness........but for one im bored...for bored?
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I'm Lydia, I'm 16, and I live in Tennssee. I'm new to LJ and I just want to have real people to talk to and have friends on here. I'm super nice, pretty funny, kind of out going and I'll admit I can be annoying at times. But overall, I'm very chill and laid back, I'm a great listener and advice giver as well. :) 

I'll be your best friend forever if you give me a chance, I promise. :)

My interests are;
badass people
video game
dorky shit
and other random shit. 
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