August 10th, 2012




My Friends page has gotten quieter lately, so I'm seeking some new, active LJ friends.

I'm a 25 year old single female. I'm a teacher and teaching is my passion. I love reading, animals, and traveling. I enjoy watching sports, especially baseball and football. I like scrapbooking, puzzles, going for walks, Disney, and musicals.

Some of my favorites:
Books: Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Sistehood of the Traveling Pants, Inheritance series, mysteries, historical fiction, fantasy
TV Shows: Glee, Once Upon a Time, Downton Abbey, Gilmore Girls, Lost, CSI, The Amazing Race, The Middle, House, Degrassi
Movies: classic Disney movies, Pirates of the Caribbean, Remember the Titans, A League of Their Own, A Little Princess, and Singin' in the Rain.

You can read more about my interests on my profile page.

I write mostly about everyday life (teaching, family, interests, relationships, random adventures), with the occasional sports or fandom rant. I will comment when I have something to say. If I don't comment, I promise I still am always reading. I don't expect you to comment on every single entry, either, but it would be nice if you kept your journal updated occasionally. I am looking for friends who are 18+.

I have met some great people on LJ, and am always looking for more friendships... leave a comment if you're interested in being friends. :)

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My name is Micah. I'm 25. I live in Southern California and I have since I was 2. I have 7 tattoos and my ears are stretched. I have had many other piercings but they were all taken out. I like to read, text, play online and go for random walks. I also suck at describing my interest because they are always changing.


I'm the mom of two beautiful little girls. One is 4, soon to be five and starting kindergarten next month. The younger one is just a few days shy of one month. I live with my fiance who is a chef. I'm currently staying home with the girls, it's an adjustment. For the past 3 years I have been working and in school so this is a shock to my system.


I'm looking for people to connect with. We don't have to like the same movies or enjoy the same music. I have actually realized that at the end of the day those things really don't matter. If you think we will get along, comment here. Let's see where things go. :)


And for those of you that like a visual, here ya go:


Hello :)

I'm Jessica, 24yr old college student and I'm looking for a few friends. I just made a fresh livejournal and would like to meet people who have similar interests to myself.

I'm currently into The Avengers and Marvel (yes I love superheroes). I'm also a fan of the tv show Game of Thrones and I've started reading the books for it. I'm a causal watcher of anime and I listen to all types of music as well. I can be a little chatty sometimes but I'm very easy going and friendly. Anything else you want to know you can check out my profile or comment :)