August 17th, 2012


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Hello. I'm Angelina. I'm 24. Just started a new journal after about a year so I'm looking for new friends. I travel for work so I'll probably be writing a lot about that. I'm not to picky about people. I like most everyone. Just can't stand constantly negative people. So if ALL you write about is how bad you feel for yourself no offense but please don't bother adding me. I'm an animal and nature freak. I love the beach and the forest. I am very liberal. I love taking pictures so you can probably count on a decent amount of pics in my posts. I love to have fun and laugh and I am not usually that serious of a person. I am a bit of a 'partier' so if you don't like to hear about a little bit of drunken shenanigans you might not like me too much.. Not that that's all I'll write about but it probably will come up now and again.. Other than that check out my profile and add me if you'd like. All my entries will be friends only so of I don't add you back  let me know you've added me because I might not realize you have. And please no one under 18. I prefer people closer to my age or older.


This will be the second time I posted on here. I have a handful of friends on here, but always looking for more!

My name is Ashley, though I go by Azaelia or Twitter most of the time. I will be celebrating my 26th birthday a week from today. I am a mother of an awesome five year old, and have a baby boy due in about three weeks! I am newly divorced, but with my soul mate. Call it a rebound relationship or whatever, but he is EVERYTHING I have always wanted and then some!

I love animals, nature, reading (anything I can get my hands on, so open for suggestions!), writing, talking, watching tv (most of all Big Bang Theory, Dr. Who, Stargate, things like that!), watching movies (too many to name, but love sci-fi fantasy stuff the most.), hanging with my family, airplanes, and well shoot this ist could go on and on.

I suffer from depression and anxiety so my journal has a lot of up and down entries, and sometimes I think I am bipolar.

Looking for people who like to comment and who like to be commented on, so add me if you think we could be friends!

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I'm looking for some new friends, I've met some amazing people from this community so looking to meet some more =)
  • Ketrina
  • 22 years old 
  • Canadian
  • Only child
  • Student studying Environmental Tech - almost done, one more semester starting in September
  • Living with my boyfriend of 4 years
  • We have a cat
  • I've been on LJ for an extremely long time, I've had numerous accounts, but I've had this one for a couple years.
  • I mostly write about my every day life, post pictures, relationship stuff, rant about work drama, partying, travelling, friends, food, working out, recipes etc.
I'm looking for friends who are 21+ =)

Leave me a comment and I'll add you back
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Hi everyone!

My name is Rebekah, I'm 27, and I am a wife, friend, nurse, sister, daughter and mother-to-be! My journal is primarily letters to my unborn baby, but I love to write down my thoughts and feelings and they may not necessarily about my pregnancy or to my baby. Those posts will be friends-only.

I live in the UK, and make my living as a staff nurse on a very busy urology ward - I've been qualified for nearly a year now, and that is scary! I love my job, and may think of branching into midwifery at some point. However, I'm really happy about where I am right now.

I'm married to the love of my life, and we have been together for over 10 years (married for 2!), and now we're embarking on the biggest journey ever! Today, I'm 13 weeks and 2 days pregnant, and everything is going well as far as I'm aware.

Personality-wise, I'm positive, happy and outgoing. I feel that I get on with most people, and make friends easily. I'm also a great listener, and find myself being the supporter for many friends, which I don't mind doing.

I like  health & beauty, watching movies and TV shows, reading and socialising. I also love playing games, namely The Sims 3 on the PC (if I get time) - I love the legacy challenge. One of my biggest hobbies is web design, which I've loved since I was about 12-years-old! However, I don't have a lot of time to work on websites anymore.

Comment and add me if you think you and I would get on well. =)

I'm looking forward to making new friends!
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