August 18th, 2012

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A tree hugging dirt worshiper. An almost-lesbian. A spiritualist. A mother. An alpha. A stoner. An artist. Bipolar.

Most imortantly, I'm a work in progress. But then again.... aren't we all?

My journal posts will be about whatever is on my mind. Sometimes short and sporadic, sometimes long and detailed. There is no method to my madness. I am chaotic and yet somehow mellow. I can get along with anyone, but I'm not looking for someone who needs regular comments. Iwant actual friendships, where conversations carry on beyond livejournal. I love aim and texting. I like trying new anime, am a movie buff and a book worm. I'm a terrible speller. My grammars not great either. It really shouldn't matter. I listen to all kinds of music and will try anythong once.

Add me if you think we could get along. Ignore me if you don't.

By the way, I'm Jetta, and my journal is 18+

[disney] anna

Holy Mother of God and All Her Wacky Nephews

Hey lads and lasses - Kasey here. Nearly 28 years old, female, living in western Washington. My hobbies include dicking around with my Canon t2i, fattening up my fellow and myself with my mad cooking/baking skills, annoying the hell out of my dog (icon) who wuvs me no matter what *wink*, and a myriad of ho-hummery like knitting, video games, movie-watching, taking long walks off short docks, and making the best of my little life. Yes. That's a hobby. I'm also trying to get my groove back for writing. I wrote and published a book in 2010 and have yet to write anything since.

My journal is filled with a bunch of random stuff. Some days, I post photos of my ridiculous pup, the food I cooked, or something else equally "interesting" (define the word as you will) or fun. Some days, I just update with what's been going on - work related gosa, home improvement, plans for the weekends, etc. Some days, I just inundate my friends with memes, quandaries, and other random drivel.

I'm very laid back. I'm easy to get along with, if you understand that most of the time, I'm a sarcastic ass-butt and have a sense of humor that can easily offend others. I do not own a PC-mouth and never will. I'm not looking to add people who want 200+ friends on their f-list; I'm not interested in journals that only share Twitter updates or read like a Twitter account; I'm not wanting people who only talk about a) their children, b) their religion, c) their chronic drug use. What I would like is someone who updates regularly, someone with similar interests, someone who enjoys blogging/who doesn't feel LJ is a chore, and someone who is fun.

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