August 21st, 2012

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Hello all!

The name is Johnny! I'm 21 years old and always willing to make new friends! My age is no indicator of the type of friends I keep. I've been known to get with people of all ages!

I used to be more into this site, but lately I haven't been... I want to change that though! I'm hoping making more friends who use this site will help!

To some people, I may a sort of an oddity. I'm a pansexual FtM, but I tend to vote republican. I can't help but be me though. I don't talk about politics too much on my blog though. I tend to talk about politicians, but rarely do I attach politics to the conversation. I can be a bit of a fanboy when it comes to certain politicians, haha! I just can't help but notice some of the interesting individual personalities! And of course, I can't help but be physically (and mentally) attracted to some.

Anywho, more about me... I love to draw! I'm not the best, but I have fun drawing what I'm passionate about. I can be a bit of a potty-mouth at times. I also enjoy reading and writing. I enjoy a wide range of music and musicians, but I'd have to say the Red Hot Chili Peppers are my most favorite band.

TV shows I'm into, when I do watch tv, are The Golden Girls, Gravity Falls, Spongebob Squarepants, RedEye (and a lot of other stuff on Fox News), The Colbert Report, Futurama, American Dad, Family Guy, The Simpsons, Ren & Stimpy, Lil' Bush, Squidbillies, and various other shows. My favorite movies are Clue, Talladega Nights, 1776, the Men In Black series, W., Memoirs of a Geisha, My Fellow Americans, and a number of Disney movies. As far as video games, I usually enjoy Pokemon games, Mario games, racing games, Angry Birds, and Team Fortress 2.

I guess I could give a few warnings. Like I said before, I swear and I tend to not censor myself. When it comes to fandoms, I can be a shipper and I do slash shippings. If you don't like or can't tolerate slash at all, then maybe part of the web isn't the place for you, haha! But I don't FORCE my pairings on you. We all have different likes and interests. :3

Okay, um, I can't think of much else to say. I guess just peak around my profile or ask me any questions you may have. Just let me know if you want to be friends!

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Hi! I am Tabitha :)  I am 23 years old, I live in south central Nebraska. I lived in Salt Lake City before that for three years, and Missouri near St. Louis until I was 19. I tried to go to college, but failed twice. I am pretty sure it is because of my social phobia and anxiety/depression/god knows what else type of things I have. I am planning on trying again next year.

I am very liberal, My husband says I am not even a liberal, but who knows. I am pretty much an atheist leaning toward agnosticism. Um, I am a big pro-choice, pro-woman, pro-equal rights, etc.

What I post about:
  • My husband
  • My favorite band: McFly
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
  • Doctor Who
  • Whose Line Is It Anyway
  • Once Upon A Time
What I am looking for:
  • Someone to read my stuff.
That's about it :) I am open to anyone. I do post about 18+ stuff, but I only link to my other blog where it is found. Um post here, ,comment on my livejournal, or just add me :) Hello!

Why not???

Hi! My name is Perry, I'm a 22 year old female from California. You can never have too many friends!!

I just recently started my LiveJournal, but I usually post (or plan to) in a journal type format, and also on subjects I find interesting. I like music, books, health, moral philosophy, fanfiction, etc. 

I'm in the military, I write lots of fiction, play saxophone in a jazz band, juggle, read, hike, play hockey, and all other kinds of stuff.

I would love some new opinions to bounce off of my own! 
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I need a friend...

I'm 21 and I need a friend. I really really do. Bad. I'm such an outcast. My husband even admitted he's not actually attracted to girls like me (we got married in Nov of 2011). I just had a baby boy, none of my "friends" have anything to do with me now because they're all guys. I have hardly heardd from any of them since the wedding. I haven't had a close female friend in years... I need just one good friend. I'm so desperate. If anyone is interested, just go look at my profile. We may have things in common. I should probably go ahead and tell you I'm into darker things. That's probably why I have no friends, but it's just who I am. No one accepts me. Not even other freaks, who I thought were "kindred spirits". So if anyone else is looking for a friend, please hit me up. And please, no pervs. I really am only seeking friendship.

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MODERATOR POST: Some rule reminders

I hate having another reminder, but everyone: Under no circumstances will I, or inoneword allow any kind of personal attacks or drama in this community.

If you think someone is stupid, or ugly, or listens to crappy music; simply move on to another post and find someone more in line with your views and likes. You will not make fun of their looks, or their lifestyle choices, or their favourite shows, or favourite bands, or what colour hats they like wearing.

You are welcome to make lots of friends in this group, and I hope everyone does cause 99% of you are ridiculously awesome. If you're looking to insult people, or make fun of them, you'll have to go elsewhere as I'll be banning anyone who breaks any of our (very easy to follow) rules.

Feel free to ask any questions in here, or just have an open thread.

If you have any issues in the future, please direct them to me sourdick or inoneword.

Seeking Friends, Could One Be You?

Music: Linkin Park, Sarah Brightman, Breaking Benjamin, 30 Seconds to Mars, Hans Zimmer,  Journey, Zen Meditation Music, Avril Lavigne, Amy Lee, Demi Lovato, Annie Lennox, Sarah McLachlan, Maroon 5.
Books/Writers: V.C Andrews, Anne Rice, the Batman Files, Susan Kay's Phantom, the Silver Metal Lover, J.R.R Tolkien. 
Movies:  the Last Unicorn, Batman Beings, Dark Knight Rises, the Avengers,1776,Classic Horror Films,/Horror Movies,  B Movies, The Conspirator, 90 Disney Movies, Legend, Labyrinth, Jumanji, Jurassic Park, Clue: the Movie, the Princess Bride, the Blues Brothers 2000, the Mothman Prophecies.
T.V Shows: Batman the Animated Series, the Twilight Zone, Fear Factor, Gargoyles, Law and Order Franchise Series, the X-Files, the Outer Limits.
Religion: Pagan
First of all. This is a new journal but I am not new to I am 30 years old. Talkative , open and, free spirited. I am very sensitive and I care a lot about my friends. Including my online friends. I take my online life as seriously as my offline life. I like to help my friends and be there for them. So if you are not looking for someone who is a little over bearing at times, then I'm not the right person for you.  I am looking for long time companionship , friends. I enjoy chatting and long emails. I tend to write a person several times a day. I can sometimes message a person up to fifty times a day. I know that sounds crazy but I do and I'm not sure if I can really help myself, if I get "stuck on you", or attached to you. I just really like to talk and try to be there for my friends. Just be aware that I can be a lot though for most people. I do have some health problems, along with issues with paranoia and stress related health problems. Nothing that can't be worked out though with understanding and compassion though. 
I am looking for someone who just wants friends and who can still put time in an online relationship like they do with their offline life. I know that's asking a lot and for most people online life is like a second hobby for them. For me it's one of the few ways I can really socialize with people though. I am really not that picky, so long as we can work through issues and that sort of thing. I just want friends but good friends and friends who won't just leave me because we are having problems.
Thank you.

Hi! :)

I thought I'd give this a try and see if I can find anybody similar to me.

My name's Megan. I live in New Zealand, in it's largest city, Auckland. I'm 25 years old, but I seriously look about 17. I'm single. I graduated from university in 2010 with a diploma in Information & Library Studies, meaning I can officially be a librarian :D I've been on Livejournal since 2004, and have stuck with this LJ ever since that day.

I am an absolutely huge obsessive WWE fan. It's so amazing :) My favourite wrestlers are John Cena, CM Punk and Chris Jericho. They're all hotties and I love them SO MUCH ♥ I've attended four live shows, and I collect wrestling DVDs, I own 189. I'm heading to New York City for Wrestlemania 29 in April 2013 and I could not be more excited. So if any New Yorkers are hanging around, I'd love to get to know you so maybe you can tell me stuff about NYC :)

My music taste can be seen here at my I absolutely LOVE Asian music, especially J-pop. Ayumi Hamasaki is probably my all time favourite singer. I also love British pop (like Girls Aloud), K-pop, WWE entrance themes and video game soundtracks.

My hobbies include watching WWE, collecting wrestling DVDs, hanging out with my friends, shopping, writing (I write fan fiction), reading, surfing the internet and playing video games.

In my LJ, I mostly talk about WWE, my general life and I do surveys (but I always put them under a cut). If you think we'd get along, feel free to say hi!

Oh yeah, and this is me:
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It's been a couple months since I've tossed out an add-me post to reel more people into my twisted world. So let's get started, shall we?


My journal contains explicit adult concepts. A lot of it. If that is something you're not interested in reading about, or if you're underage, please feel free to stop reading this entry. Right now. Be gone with you!

About my Journal
Sex and sexuality are easily the most common themes in my journal. My wife and I recently got involved with the swinger lifestyle and it has been a crazy eye-opening adventure. At this point - we are solidly "Swingers". It is a secret exciting aspect to our generally normal comfortable life as a happy, professional, 30 year old couple. And it's something I choose to share with my journal in great detail.

In addition to all of that - I also post about other interests or happenings in my life. I'm a huge fan of horror movies and Halloween (all things spooky and dark, really). I'm also big on video games and tend to spend a lot of my "me time" zoning out into some obscure online world (lately it's been Diablo on my PC). I have a soft spot for music that makes me FEEL something - my favorite bands are Depeche Mode, The Cure, and Godspeed You! Black Emperor. I'm a married man - so I do talk about marriage and my amazing wife. And I'm a human being - so I do talk about common topics like occupation, health, weight loss, etc.

As far as my writing style is concerned, I tend to be pretty big on storytelling. I like my entires to be visual and engaging. I try to stray away from posting about uneventful day-to-day things. And if I do post about mundane crap, I tend to saturate it with my sense of humor and personality. I use a lot of images in my posts to assist in illustrating key topics in my entires.

I post rather frequently, although I have been slacking lately. On average, I post about 15 times a month. My main intention on this website is to write. But I do try to stay current with reading my friend entries and comments - and I do comment when I have something to say. Honestly, with me and reading it really depends on the journal. There are journals and people that I find fascinating and I make sure to always read and always comment.

If I add you back - please be sure to look at the stickied "About me" friend's only post I have on my journal to learn a little bit about who I am as a person.

Thanks for reading and I hope we can become awesome long-lasting friends!
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