September 5th, 2012

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In Search Of Feedback, Friends

Hi again!

I just recently trimmed my friend's list again and am looking for people who are "active" on LJ. I may not be around to comment on people's journals all the time, but I'd like to think my life is entertaining enough for people to check out and read and comment on.

Most of the stuff that I post these days are all about my weight loss, my interpersonal relationships with people around me, work, friendships... but I try to make them entertaining. They're often wordy and filled with personal introspection and analysis, but if that's the kinda thing you'd find interesting, then you'll find my posts interesting. Oh, and I post visual aids! Sorta...

Yes, this journal of mine is very personal, and this leaves me vulnerable, but that's what I want my LJ to be: A personal reflection of things happening in my life so that one day I can look back at it and see how ridiculous I was or how awful my decisions were and laugh at them. Or not.

Any takers? :)

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Hey everyone! I'm looking to update my friends list again and thought I'd start here. I've made some good friendships during my stay here, and am hoping to make even more.

- I'm Daeryn, twenty-three, female, from the Toronto/Canada area;
- Currently I'm a librarian at my local library;
- I love photography, and take tons of photos in my spare time;
- Bunnies make me smile;
- I've been with my boyfriend for almost four years, and couldn't be happier;
- I'm also an aspiring writer;

Literature, photography, bunnies, music, art, socks, fashion, culture, folklore and fairytales.
My music taste is vast, as are the movies and TV shows I love.

I try to update my journal daily, if not weekly, and I do get around to reading a fair bit of others' journals as well. And hopefully we'll be able to develope some pretty wonderful friendships along the way.

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