September 12th, 2012

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So hi and all...

After a four year abscence from LJ, I thought it might be time to come back and start up a new journal. One that, y'know, people might read. However, I just discovered a disturbing fact: I don't actually know anyone on LJ anymore. I forgot to make friends. Darn it!

My name is Amanda. I live in Alabama and I'm a teacher. I won't tell you what I teach because once people find out, they usually can't bring themselves to talk to me. Weird. My journal has exactly two entries at the moment and both are months old, but I'm hoping to start posting again. That's where you come in. Yeah, you. I don't want to write things that no one is going to read. 'S a waste of time. But if I had people to read it... Well, that's a different story.

I'm hoping to turn my sad little journal into something with some kind of purpose. You can expect to see anything from an update on my current weight loss attempt to a story about something that happened in class yesterday to a sneak peek of the book I'm hoping to write (*cough*thoughIbetitstaysablog*cough*) to a rant about something that happened on a show or in a book (check my interests). What you (hopefully) won't see is self-indulgent whining about the life I don't have. What you definitely won't see is daily updates. Or poetry.


Hullo. My name's Yu. It's a pleasure to meet you! I'm new to LiveJournal, and I'd love to start off on the right foot, so here's to not sounding overly, scarily eccentric. ^_~ Now I guess it's more detailed introduction time...but...It seems to me that reading a description of myself, authored by me, is a bit counterproductive. There's a lot to say and no good way to say it. I'm a bit more inclined to let you form your opinion with no preconceived notions of how I'd like to be viewed. So, let's take it on blind faith that I'm what you're looking for and cross our fingers hoping this works. Heh. :) I am friendly, though, you should know, and I don't bite, very hard, so drop me a line if it so strikes your fancy. I'll respond. Promise!
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Eh... Um Hello :)

What's up? My name is Ezra and i'm not exactly new to LJ, i'm just new to actually using it. I havent posted much about anything interesting yet but i do plan too when i actually have some friends lol :)

About Me:
-I'm 21, even though no one believes me when i tell them.
-I live in South Jersey, Sicklerville to be exact.
-I'm an indecisive college student at Camden County College. I changed my major from Business to Criminal Justice to Education and now back to business (Accounting), which is why i'm still in Community College lol. But now that i really think about it, i would like to work for a publishing company. Editor to be exact. So far the choices for universities want to transfer to are Rutgers, Rowan, University of Delaware. Only because i want to be close to home. Im a momma's girl :)
-I have 1 sister and 3 little brothers (all 6 and under) but only one lives with me. I have 2 step-sisters and 1 step-brother but i never see them.
-I'm a full-blown Otaku. (Not really, but i'm on the borderline)

My personality:
-Kind *laughs*
-Goofy (I laugh so much, i annoy myself) But still, i'm not funny myself but i laugh at almost anything. If someone tells a lame joke, i'll be the only one laughing (not because it's funny, just because it's so lame lol) but everyone starts laughing with me by that time because i'm laughing so hard over something so stupid, but it's all good. I'm one of those people who would start laughing in dead silence because of something that happened the other day. I have done it plenty times lol.
-Outgoing (depending on TPO). I'm cranky in the morning, reserved during school (because it's morning), but any other time i'm out there.

Things I Like:
-Everything for the most part (There hasnt been anything i particulary disliked, i'm sure there are some but i cant think of them)
-I'm a big reader. I love reading, i can read just about anything. I'm not big on hardcore sci-fi though. I get way to confused. Well anyways, for the past few months i've read more manga than novels. But that's because once i get into to something i'll be obsessed for like a year. But anyway, i'm currently reading the Immortal Series by Alyson Noel. I'm on #3, but i need to go pick it up at the library first. As for the manga i'm reading. There is just too many to name, a lot of them are ongoing. My favorite are mostly action. Some popular ones are The Breaker, Beelzebub (I wish we could get back to the plot of the story though), Code Breaker, Noblesse, Oresama Teacher (one of my favorites), Kuroshitsuji, etc, etc. I also read yaoi (which i'm sure none of you are interested in), comedies, the occassional shoujo (not really my thing, but as i said i can read just about anything), gender benders, etc, etc.
-I write a lot, though i never finish anything. I wrote poetry in High School and finished all of them, but now i write long stories but i havent finished anything yet. Well i finished one, but i wasn't satisfied with the end so i deleted basically the whole second half of it. I never go by my outline, so that's why i always mess myself up. I'm usually all over the place lol.
-SPORTS (Well i'm not big on watching sports anymore, but if it was two years ago, that was the only thing i would watch) My favorites in order are Ice Hockey, Baseball, Soccer, Basketball, Football. I also like Volleyball and Tennis but i'm not reall big on it. My favorites are all Philly teams except my favorite football team is the Patriots. But like i said i dont really watch sports anymore though i do play them on occasion. Well not Ice Hockey but i do play street hockey whenever my neighbors are playing.

Okay i think i might be talking too much so i'm just gonna stop here. Add me if your interested.
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Hey guys, im a new member and i still don't know how to use it.
I've become a member because i really loved a group called "Abandoned Places". Im fascinated about abandoned castles, hospitals, houses...
I'm brazilian, from Rio de Janeiro and i'd like to know new people.
About music, i like Symphonic, black, gothic, doom metal, and things like that
Hm, and sorry about my crap english, btw hahah
= )