September 14th, 2012



Erm, hey! I'm never quite sure on what I should put on these "Finding friends on livejournal" communities, but I guess I should open up by telling you who I am, I suppose?

I'm Charlie (Or chaz), I'm 18 years old, I'm a homosexual male, living in England and is studying Art and Design at college. I'm a little bit shy, but I've always wanted to get myself some more friends to talk too on livejournal, since I've very persistent on using it at least daily, and talking about my daily life. Although I'm huge on art, I'm also huge on creative writing. So if you're also interested in having some form of a writing buddy (especially for anybody who is doing Nanowrimo this year orz.) I'd be happy to chat!  

I'm going to just leave my introduction up here, since I've got my livejournal profile all sorted out with all my interests on it. So if you're interested, you know where to look~. *fingers crossed in finding somebody* c:

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Hi :-)


My name is Mariah, and I'm pretty new to this !

The reason that I've joined:

Last sunday I twisted my knee on a basketball game, so I went to see a doctor and I just found out that they're going to operate on my knee, I'll be home from work for a couple of months, but worst of all, My basketball season is over:-(

So... I thought, let's find something new to do and maybe find some new friends online :-) and here I am !

I live in pretty little Bruges, and yes.. we do have the best chocolate & fries in the world :D
I love to watch tv shows, love to draw (read: try to draw^^), love to write, I have 2 cats I adore, and the rest you'll have to find out :)

I'll try to update my journal daily, not that I have lots of other stuff to do right now, so add me if you want, that's all :)