September 21st, 2012

I Want New Friends .... Please ?

I am searching for new friends. The name I go by is RoseMary. I do have filters in my journal. I recently got rid of a whole bunch of stuff due to a lot of reasons. One being fake LJ people adding me. I want real friends and friends who are active and write a lot on So about me.

I am a disabled adult and still live with my parents and grandfather. I have V.C.F.S/22q and cerebral palsy. I also admit that I am obsessed. I want to get better but it's difficult. I write a lot about health, depression, family , and movies. I love the cinema. I enjoy watching horror movies, drama and musicals. I enjoy listing to a lot of soundtracks, pop and musicals ( of course ) . Spiritual wise I am Pagan but would like to be Wiccan. Also sort of looking for a spiritual teacher if at all possible. I believe in things like twin flames, spirits, ghosts, other worlds. I write a lot about my other worlds a lot in my journal. It's my primary focus , unless I am writing about physical family stuff. I enjoy talking about being across the veil . Tarot and other types of readings. That kind of thing.

I can be relatively eccentric at times. I don't like loud things or being in crowds but in general though I think I am a good person. I love music and books very much. My aspiration is to be an author and I studied music for twenty years.
Hope to meet some of you soon.

New on Lj ;P

Hey guys ;P

I would like to get some freinds in here ;P It is my first time in here and I have no idea about all this works ;P

Im 18 years old and from Denmark scandinavia, going in high school ;P

I like to draw, listen to music (Electro house, remixes, dance, dupstep, pop, rock and so on ;p ), go to fitness, hang out with my freinds and go out to parties and go crazy. Basically in an totally normal danish teenage girl, with mood swings, ups and downs, happy times and sad times.

I startede blogging because I like to share my thoughts and what ever comes to my mind ;P

As I said, I would love to get some freinds in here, so I can read your journals/ blogs and you could read mine ;P

Comment and I will add you :D

VH ( danish for "sincerely" ) Though_cookie (;