September 23rd, 2012

dear lj

Hi there!

Since I have become not so fond of Tumblr, and my other LJ account is only used to follow my "friends list," I made a new account to record my thoughts that I can't post to Facebook or Twitter. So, that means my friends list is empty. I'll call it a fresh start.

So, first off, my name is Jaime. I am a prop manipulator, HOT HULA fitness® instructor, and a wannabe Polynesian and belly dancer. I thoroughly enjoy live music, hookah, hula hoops, marijuana, sex, working out (when I actually do it), and dancing.

Having similar interests is not required. Almost all of my friends have nothing in common with me, so why should it be the same here? Add me at your discretion, but I don't always add back. Send me a PM and I'll gladly check out your blog! :D
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New Again

So...I'm starting a new bloggy thing. I just...have a lot of thoughts in my head that don't have an outlet, and so, since I have a lot of new things happening in my life, I thought a new blog would be a suitable companion.

I'll be 23 in October and I'm currently on my fourth undergrad college; hopefully I'll have an Associate's Degree by September, then I'll go finish my Bachelor's Degree. I had to transfer a lot due to either health issues or just cause I didn't like the school, haha.

Some Likes: Video Games are my life. They're my number one passion in life. Uhh...I like anime and fantasy fiction. I prefer Young Adult/ Teen novels to grown-up novels. Mainly because grown-up novels focus too much on real life, and my life is stupid enough without me wanting to read about someone else's life. Plus, magic is cool.

Mainly, if you like Video Games, we could be friends. I'm not picky or anything. I'll read, but I don't always comment on journals unless I think it will benefit you. I don't do fluff comments or anything.

Ugh...I hate talking about myself in this manner, so I'll stop.

Oh, and I like sports a bit, so yeah. I'm a Georgian girl, so I root for the Braves and Falcons and such. Go Braves!

P.S. If you know who the characters in my icon are, I'll love you forever.
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