October 17th, 2012

Greeting the world.

Hello there. I'm Zia! I'm originally from Puerto Rico. I've already made many friends here, but since I've gotten interested in many new things since last time, I thought I'd try again =D

I'm addicted to travelling. Up until now, I've been to various parts of the US (Alaska, Philadelphia, New York, North Dakota, Georgia, Washington..), Korea, China, France, Singapore, and Slovakia, and I live in Japan. I spent my first two years living in Yokohama before moving to Osaka. I worked at a restaurant for some time then moved to Florida for some time until I decided what I wanted to do with my life. Florida is where I'm at right now. Starting in January, I will be working in the financial office at a university in Osaka.

My first language is Spanish, but I write my entries in both English and Japanese, since those are the languages I need to practice, and I understand basic Italian and French. My journal is picture heavy. I love snapping pictures. I play the piano and am in the process of learning how to play the guitar. 

Hobbies! Tea Ceremonies, Writing, Taking pictures, Mountain Climbing, Kayaking, Camping, Drinking, Dancing, Theme parks, Running, Volleyball, Cooking, Taiko, Japanese dramas, fashion, beauty, roller blading, fitness, foreign film, Asian literature, boxing, capoeira, sewing.

Right now, I'm really in to European and Middle Eastern cultures and am hoping to backpack around Southern Europe within the next two years.

I'd love to be friends with people who have similar interests, and with people who can teach me new things! =D 

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Hi!  Been awhile since I posted here, but new friends are always a bonus!

I hate talking about myself... first of all, I am not a good salesman and second, I either don't give enough information for people to consider or I end up straying into the realm of TMI.  Both disasterous when it comes to making an impression on new folks, so keep that in mind :P

I'm not a very social person, getting to know new folks can be a challenge.  Combination of anxiety (I've been diagnosed with PTSD and anxiety) and just being a bit of a lone wolf normally.  So this, putting myself out there, is good experience and if I pick up a few lasting friendships along the way, even better.

I'm thirty-six years old, child-free by choice (although godmother to two wondeful twin boys), professional student, writer, gamer (GW2, Mayfair train games, chess, Magic: The Gathering- among others), devourer of books (love my Nook but still collect books), lover of history, loves archery and target shooting, an aspiring chef- if only for friends and family, loves languages, spiritual but not religious (pagan in belielfs though), has a set of standards and a moral code that I try to live by but am open minded - it isn't my place to push my beliefs on anyone else or judge them, loves music- alternative to zydeco, enjoys photography, enjoys drawing (but I'm not very good)... 

There is more, but trying to avoid that whole TMI thing.  A couple more things:

I don't view LJ friendships as less than other types of friendships- folks here are not disposable.  I understand that not every attempt at friendship is going to work out, but to me, variety is the spice.  I am not going to defriend someone I get to know simply because I don't like their politics or religious views or if I find out they love Psy and his Gangnam Style hit.  I left high school a long time ago, I am not interested in hive-minded, clique style friends who find people disposable if for some reason they become 'unpopular'.

Also- what you will find in my journal?  Updates on real life goings-on, memes (I'm a bit of a meme whore- I find them to be fascinating and a good way to get to know people), various rants and raves- both of the positive and negative variety, writing ventures, and occasional posts about fandom (at the moment mostly revolving around Castle, The Last Resort, 666 Park Avenue, Beauty and the Beast, Revolution, and Modern Family).  I also post a series of three (usually random) questions, a few times a week, for people on my flist to answer if they so choose.

What am I looking for?  I am not looking for 'perfect' people.  I am not out to make my friend's list a 'happy place only'.  I am looking for real people and real people have issues.  I am not going to dismiss potential friends, or cast aside people because they are not paragons of positivity.  I find that sort of request very repugnant and rather telling of a person's character and not something I will make.  To paraphrase... 'give me your tired, your depressed, your upset... alongside with the positive, the upbeat and happy-go-lucky', all are welcome here.  The only people who would not find welcome on my flist would be racists, homophobes and bullies...those are three groups that need not apply as it were.

I'll finish this with a pic:

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I will ask that you leave a note to this post or on one of my public entries saying that you want to give friendship a go... random and unannounced adds I tend to just tend to dismiss as spammers.


As a bit of a creeper on this site I figure it's about time that I post something already.

My name is Breanna. I'm 23 years old and living in what seems to be the middle of nowhere, Pennsylvania. Originally from Cleveland, I still long for life with less farms and camouflage. I had originally started college for a degree in child psychology, but left school after the first year. I love all things technology. I work for a big box electronics retailer fixing computers for a living, however I'm currently off work due to an injury which I post about from time to time. I'm currently trying to rekindle my love for graphic and web design with the hopes of getting a real big girl, non-retail, job in the near future. Autumn is my favorite time of year. I love Halloween. My favorite part is by far the haunted houses. I spent six years volunteering for one, and intend to go back to doing so in the future. I also have a great love for electronic music.

I post mostly about my day to day experiences, as well as things from my past. My journal is mostly just an outlet of everything going on in my head.  I've been diagnosed with depression and general anxiety. I've had prior struggles with self injury and eating disorders. All of these still linger around and find their ways into my posts. I also have a tendency to use a good bit of choice words. However I try not to in writing, but it's bound to happen from time to time.

I love to read about other people's lives and experiences, and I don't really have any preferred types of journals to read. If I sound interesting enough feel free to add me! Or if you have any questions feel free to ask :)

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Hello, I'm Jessica and I'm trying to get back into the swing of journaling more. 

I'm a 24 year old college student with too much time on her hands. I like a lot of different stuff, including (but not limited to) reading, writing, music, movies, documentaries, anime, video games, etc. My taste in all those areas is rather eclectic. I've been writing since I was about 12 years old, not that great at it, but I still like doing it. I have no desire to do it professionally, it's just kind of a hobby at most. I haven't been reading much over the last year or two but I'm trying to get back into it since I have a TON of books on my bookshelf that need to be read.

I usually write about my everyday life, college woes, and all that jazz. Or, I'll blog about whatever tv show/anime series I'm into at the moment. I always have a lot to say because my brain is constantly on. I do suffer from insomnia so I might post at weird hours, or complain about being sleep deprived on a regular basis. I'm a pretty laid back person and I don't judge people just because they're different from me. I'm always curious and wanting to learn new things (but never get around to it because I'm lazy). 

So yeah, that's me in a nutshell, or as best as I can sum things up right now. Feel free to add me, I love having new people to chat with and I try to comment on stuff when I'm on (which is everyday...)

Also, please comment here or on my friends only post in my journal to let me know you want to add me. Otherwise, I'll just think you're a spammer or something.
oct 12

If you aren't allergic to redheads, add me

I just started with lj and feel very green- and OLD- do people drop off the planet after 30 years?  Anyway, I am a 38 year old female who has decided to start saying things because I'm tired of being told I should not.  I have always disliked authority; however, as it goes, we all have to comply to get by- or end up locked away.  Call it therapy if you want, I just want to tell my stories before I fade out/away.

My facebook friends have given me a mixed bag of reviews- the negative so far is that, just like I said, I am saying stuff that makes people who think they know me uncomfortable.  My journal is about what is real to me.  Both historical and current redheadgirl74 are being covered. There will be lots of sex, drugs, and drama covered.  I have already covered, and will continue to tell stories of growing up in a rural area.  There will be stories of love and loss.  And, I will throw in some really silly stories just to round things out.   

I have always liked to write, never ever pretended to be good at it.  I appreciate good writing- and sometimes not so good- if the content is meaningful.  My goal is to make some friends who say interesting things, do interesting things, and believe interesting things.

My children are near grown and I love them- I am sure you love yours- BUT, I am bored to tears talking about mommy crap.  I've actually had it up to my eyeballs with mommy crap and could stand a break.  I love to cook and I am good at it- BUT,  I can go to allrecipes.com and find exactly what I need.

I want to hear your stories and for you to read mine.  I bet you are a really cool person- and, of course I am- so let's be friends.


Hello! I am Emily, and am 28, living in the midlands in the UK.

I have been using LJ since 2007 - but recently moved to this journal as felt my life was going in a new direction and I wanted to move my journal to represent this!

I was recently diagnosed with BPD which has been a blessing in the sense that I now know why I have ths way the past 27 day years (although already 28 now) life has improved greatly, but I also tried to be someone I wasn't and feel like there is a light now, and am heading towards changing my life mentally and physically!

I am 28, and right now live back at home, I import clothing from around the world and sell it. I am currently in the process of setting up a new site, but am spending the build up to christmas working on myself.

So about me! ( one with short blonde hair!)

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