January 1st, 2013


add me :D

Why you should add ME as a livejournal friend!

I have a sense of humor. That right there is worth any friend but seriously, if you cannot laugh at yourself or speak fluent sarcasm, you are missing out.

I am honest. Sometimes I’m too honest and people don’t like that. But isn’t honesty better than making stuff up? TRUST me you couldn’t make up my reality.

I’m not judgmental. I don’t care about your gender, age, sexual orientation. I care about one thing: are you cool? Open minded? Not an a$$hole? That’s cool.

More about me!

I’m female.

I am a single mother to three children.

I have a fantastic boyfriend (so don’t add me to hit on me, seriously it pisses me off…hello facebook stalkers!)

A few of my favorite things are: My Samsung Galaxy s3, Sons of Anarchy, Baseball, Breaking Bad, candles, soda, Blake Shelton, pasta, Lolita, thunderstorms, eye shadow, ponytails, sweatpants and Amazon.

I am addicted to NetFlix.

Things I don’t like: People who shove religion down my throat, people who text and drive, sickness or dealing with sick people, dieting, when my kids have a lot of days off from school in a row.

Something people are surprised to learn about me is: my ex-husband and I have a fantastic relationship. We get along very, very well although it took us a few years to get to that point. I like it because it’s SO much easier on everyone, especially the kids and I see so many of my friends hating/screaming at their exs….ugh!

I'm a brat, I admit it. I swear, I make a scene. I'm an emotional girl at times.

My son and I are both insomniacs. He NEVER sleeps. I LIKE to sleep and take a lot of stuff to MAKE me sleep but most nights am up half the night.

I haven’t been posting a whole lot because lj has died out so much since I first joined in 2004 and I miss those friendships and closeness a lot. I feel like facebook has taken over (and I use FB frequently as well). But LJ brings you much closer to people.

Sound cool? Add me :D