January 8th, 2013


Hello, fellow friend seekers!

-My name is Amy.
-I'm 22 years old.
-I have one tattoo, (I'm not sure if it has an official name, but it's known as the Flaming Eye or Third Eye by Alex Grey. The band TOOL use it a lot on their imagery.) Will definitely get more. My ears are stretched to 2's.
-I am taken, have been for one year.
-Agnostic leaning toward Atheist.
-Currently majoring in Biology.
-Worked for makeup counters for a couple of years but I'm currently unemployed.
-I'm a makeup artist as a hobby, done a few photo shoots and events here and there.
-I have a very monotone voice, think Daria.

-Body mods.
-Animals, but I'm a dog person.
-Rock music mostly, but I like a little from a lot of different genres.
-Sleeping and dreaming.
-Video games.
-Drag queens.

-Traffic and bad drivers.
-Intolerance and ignorance.

Welp, that's about all I can come up with! Looking forward to getting some new friends. If you want to add me drop a comment! Have a nice day, peeps!

(no subject)

Hey everyone! This is a little bit about me and about my journal. Its new. But I've been on lj for years. I would like some new friends. Let me know if you add me and i'll add you back. :)

About Me:
New Jersey.
College Drop Out (For Now).

What I Love:
Animal Print.
Girls Night Out.

My Journal:
Friends Only.
Post As Often As Possible.

About You:
Male or Female.
Open minded.
Not very religious.
Non judgmental.
Not easily offended by sex or curse words.
Try to get to know me.

That's all. So Get to it! Thanks. :)

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My name is Kristina and I am thirty years old. I love horror movies, animals, chocolate, books and movies. I live with my parents and grandfather in Georgia, USA. I mostly write little blurbs about my daily life. I enjoy reading and commenting on other people's journals but don't add me as a number though, thanks. I do have health problems though and problems with anxiety, depression and claustrophobia. I enjoy making life long friends on livejournal and have been here off and on for seven years. I studied music for twenty years and also enjoy creative writing and I am a self taught artist as well.
Birds fly

Hey, guys!

I’m Kristen and I’m a 24 year old graduate student living in Nova Scotia. I study neurophysiology. I love all sorts of science, but brains in particular are super-duper-neat!

I have a boyfriend named Ian. He is from Russia, and he is teaching me to speak Russian. It’s, like, really hard :(

I love electronic music, highland dancing, board games, wine, Doctor Who, yoga, SMBC comics and BOOKS. Oh, God, the books! I actually fear that I may one day be crushed in Hoarders-worthy catastrophe where I am crushed beneath a toppling mountain of books. I own more than I’ve read, that’s for sure. Someday I hope to calm the ants in my pants long enough to make a good dent in the pile

Anywho, I’m looking for new livejournal friends. Obviously. My journal is mostly day-to-day nonsense. Sometimes I do memes and stuff. If you want to read, don’t hesitate to add me! I’ll add you back, fo’ shizzle, and we can both expand our online social circles :)

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Hi, I'm Sinead currently from Birmingham UK but I'm relocated all on my own to New Jersey later this year.

So I'm just wondering if there is anyone from New Jersey or surrounding areas that are looking for new LJ friends?

If you like your LJ friends thats obsessed with taking pictures (and posting them), girlie I have too much makeup. And music that inspires me to be the best person I can be.

Please do add me!

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