January 10th, 2013

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Hey there! I'm looking to add some friends who have some things in common with me.

About Me:

Name: Missy
Age: 32
Location: Canada
Status: Married
*Mama to 2 beautiful girls, Bella (2 1/2) and Fiona (almost 8 mos)
*Practicing Attachment Parenting
*Will be opening up my own home daycare in the spring

*Singing/Playing Guitar
*Fitness/Nutrition - working on losing weight
*Video games

I generally talk about my day-to-day life happenings, my children, my husband, working out and what I have eaten. I'll throw in the occasional rant now and then.

If you think we have some things in common, I'd love to get to know you!
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New Friends

I only posted here a few months ago, but my friends feed has gone pretty quiet, so I thought I'd post again...

About me:
I'm know on LJ as Elsie.
21 years old.
From the UK.
Married to an old fart who I love more than the world.
Don't have many IRL friends, so I my internet friends are really important to me.

Things I like: utterflies, Writing letters, Cute stationary, Clever People, Knitting, Being productive, Listing.

Things I don't like:Idiots, Being woken up, Arguing, Procrastinating, Disorganisation,</span>

What you will find in my journal: Day to day life, my husband, ttc, weight loss and dieting, memes, rants and I'm hoping to start writing more lists. Oh and I often make colourful posts, just so they're a bit easier on the eye:)

What I'm looking for in an LJ friend:
I'd like people who write in their journal regularly, have things in common with me, will comment on my posts, consider LJ friends to be real friends, are genuinely interested in making friends and aren't judgemental of people's lives and decisions.

So, do you think we fit?
Please leave a comment before adding :)

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 I was a member of LJ since 2003 or so, abandoned it for a few years, and recently (like a few days ago) decided to come back. Since I keep up with a lot of my old friends elsewhere now, I figure why not make some new ones? I'm not going to add everyone, however... I'll make that decision based on how I feel our interests align.

Queer guy
Outspoken and opinionated (but tolerant of differing POVs, as long as it's not bigoted/hate-based)
Travel cross-country to various cities for work, but live in the woods with my partner, where we're building an off-grid home entirely by hand.
Major animal-lover, "work" part-time in animal rescue, when time/travel allows
Comic/sci-fi/fantasy geek

Art (mine, and that of others)
Day-to-day stuff
Book/movie/music reviews

*Please be aware that my journal will occasionally feature images or subject matter of an adult nature. Nothing
(porno)graphic, but 18+ only, please.

From my blog, on why I decided to participate in this group:

Ok, so I made this resolution to start using LJ again (obviously) after a lengthy break... While looking over a friends page, seeking old friends whose usernames I may not recall, I saw this "Add Me" group. I have to be honest and say that my first response was both a bit of "well that's kind of sad for them" and to feel a bit creeped out by it.

Then I thought about it some more.

During my original LJ tour, I made a LOT of very good friends... many of them are still my friends almost ten years later, and several of whom have moved from the realms of "online" friends into "offline" friends as well. And you know what? Back in the Old Days of LJ, we were all strangers to one another. We were unknown quantities, with differing life experiences, varied viewpoints, and basically just.... strangers.

Over the years, we got to know one another. Sometimes the relationships worked out, sometimes they didn't (usually they did). We saw each other through many life changes.... births, deaths, marriages, divorces, ups and downs... the full spectrum of living. We made things together, we lost our shit together.

So, here I am again. Starting over... and I found myself thinking "You know what? Rather than start again with folks whom I already know, why not REALLY start anew?" I mean, of course I'm going to add folks who I already know (especially since that was the main reason to start using LJ again, to catch up with/keep in touch with those who don't do the FaceGook thang).... but why not gather again a group of folks who are (mostly) strangers to me, and see what grows from it?

Here's to potential futures, whatever they are.