January 11th, 2013

New here looking for friends

-My name is Lewis.
-I'm 18 years old.
-I have recently had my heart broken when my boyfriend said he fell out of love with me.
-Agnostic and super open minded.
-Currently on the threshold of quitting college.
-I love making people smile and laugh.

-Creepy pastas
- League of Legends
- Food
- Anything and everything to be honest, I'm super open minded and love to learn.


I'm new to LJ and would love to make some real friends.

Anything you want to know? Add me and ask :D
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Hey! I used to use LJ a few years ago but I stopped and just VERY recently started a new one. I don’t have any friends on here anymore and I would LOVE to make some new ones.

The Basics.
Name: Stefanie
Age: 23
Location: I’m from Michigan but currently living in Tx
I’m outgoing and outspoken. Love to have a good time. A loyal friend.
I love animals and I am currently going to school studying Veterinary medicine specializing in Equine Science.

I love nature, being outdoors, and staying active in general so I go to the gym daily and random outdoor activities frequently. Ie. Dirt bike riding, quad riding, horseback riding, hiking, fishing, snowboarding, ect.

I just started LJ up again, as stated, but I post entries, as well as photos. I take pictures of me, my animals, things I see on hikes, and pretty much everything else that interests me but I don’t spam feeds with them and I use LJ-cuts for my posts.

Hmm, I think that’s about it unless you want to add me and get to know me better. I will try to comment and be active with any friends I get and appreciate you taking the time to read my info. Thanks!
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My name is Micah. I'm 25. I live in Southern California & I have since I was 2. I have lived pretty much all over So Cal though. Currently I am in Long Beach. Have been for 3 1/2 years.
I am a SAHM to two lovely little ladies. My oldest goes by the name Khiley or Khi usually. She is 5 & in kindergarten. She has ADHD & it's... interesting. My youngest goes by the name Kadence or Kadee. She's 6 months & a handful. I'm a bit of a crunchy mom. I breastfeed & believer in extended breastfeeding. (Went for 19 months with the big one.) I co-sleep. I babywear. I cloth diapered for a while. But I am a firm believer that my parenting methods work for me but that doesn't mean they will work for you.
I took a year off of school but I am an Early Childhood Education major. Once I get my certifications I will transfer and get my BSW in Social Work. I'm in a relationship. Its been rough but things are getting better.
My journal is usually about the people in my life, the ones I like, the ones I don't like and the ones I would like to jump off a bridge. There will be pictures. There will be words. I don't really do memes or quizzes. But yeah... comment.
I tried to post pictures but apparently LJ doesn't want you to see me... yet.

Star Trek - Kirk Three

i'm not saying it was aliens, but it was aliens

In a land of myth, and a time of magic... Wait, no... That's how something else starts. Let me try this again.

Hello, my name is Meghan. I’m looking to make some new friends on here because I know there are some pretty awesome people out there worth being friends with. I'm just getting back into journaling on here, so believe me when I say that I'm going to be writing in my journal a lot from now on.

More about myself? Alright. I’m a 25 year old girl from the magical land known as Central Pennsylvania who spends too much time on the internet. I'm pretty sure I'm married to my laptop at this point. I'm saving up to go back to school and get a degree in history, then move to Rome because of reasons. I love the smell of a forest right after it rains, and climbing trees is fun. I watch a lot of TV and movie, thus... I talk a lot about these things. I weird, so you don't have to tell me. I already know... And I'm quite proud of it. I'm usually pretty easy to get along with, so talking to me shouldn't be a huge problem. I'm a very open person who is willing to talk about almost anything. Here's some stuff about myself because I guess you want to know more about me since you've gotten this far in what I've written.

Stuff I'm Interest In

Abandoned buildings || Ancient Aliens || Anything paranormal || Archaeology || Blogging || Cats || Forests || History || Llamas || Old cemeteries || Photography || Reading || Rome | | Traveling || Tumblr || Twitter || Urban Exploration || Watching TV and movies || Writing || Yard Sales

Stuff I Might Talk About A Lot

American Horror Story || BBC Sherlock || Doctor Who || Giorgio Tsoukalos || Harry Potter || Invader Zim || Lord Of The Rings || Merlin || Misha Collins || Star Trek || Supernatural || Teen Wolf || The Avengers || The Hunger Games

I can feel you silently judging me after reading that. Don't worry, you're not the only one.

I'm making a huge effort to write in my journal as much as possible. My posts will probably be weird at times, but I do make personal posts. Add me as a friend and you might be amused. That's a good thing, right? I hope to hear from you guys soon!

I'm pretty sure this thing made no sense at all. Kudos to you if you read the entire thing.

PS: The answer to life is 42.
She & Me - 1

A love letter to my soulmate

I have been using LiveJournal (off and on) since 2003. 

My brother met his wife on LJ.

My sister met her husband on LJ.

And I met my beautiful fiancee on LJ exactly 2 years ago.   I moved to Florida to be with her 8 months later.   Just 3 months ago, our baby boy was born.  So.... I guess I owe a very big part of myself to this website.

This is my fourth journal, actually.  I began this one as an on-going love letter to my fiancee.  So if you are interested in hearing this guy's ideas on love, soulmates, relationships, etc., feel free to add me.  Here's an excerpt from one of my entries:

This all began as words on a screen, an innocent attempt to thwart boredom for a time, but within days [hours] it became something more.  Like an explosion that tore every expectation into bits and slung them carelessly into the air, my desire to know more about her in every way enveloped my one track mind and drove me into a sort of craze [psychosis comes naturally to me] and before long, the innocent comments on a long-since abandoned blog became text messages which became phone calls which became plane tickets which became a moving truck which became a family.

The words faded when she became a daily reality, and she thinks the emotions and thoughts that formed the foundation of those words must have faded, as well.  Thinking that way makes her human, and it’s understandable, but she is wrong.

The words [choked by the daily responsibility of bills, children, business, dinners, family issues, hobbies, arguments, holidays, debts] were buried beneath a million other things that took natural priority, and perhaps that was my biggest error in judgement of all.  Maybe there should always be a moment of every day that I reach deep inside of me, to offer a thought or a word to the woman who once captured me by simply offering herself to me.

Thus begins this new blog, dedicated to her.

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Hello all!

I'm new to LJ and am looking for friends. I am 26, married and had a little girl in October. I'm a nurse and work at a hospital. I'm generally open minded and get along with different people. I have a wide variety of beliefs. I had a home birth and am pro-midwifery, breastfeeding, and attachment parenting but am also pro-choice. I am not religious, at all. In general I guess you could say I am more of a liberal. For hobbies I take pictures, dabble on the piano, and quilt (I know its weird). Working as a nurse at a county hospital has made me very opinionated, but for the most part I keep my opinions to myself. We live in Texas, but as you all can imagine not many people share most of our beliefs.

If anyone would like to add me most of my posts will just be of my day to day adventures. I dont expect anyone to agree with all of my beliefs (not even my husband does) but I'm open to discussing anything.