January 14th, 2013

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1. If you dont feel like reading all this, just skip to the second part of my post.
My name is Ezra, well not really it's just my Internet name, and recently i found out that it's actually a boy's name -_- And after i put so much effort in choosing the name! Well anyway, i'm 21 from NJ, I'm a coffee junkie & i love to read. I've been a big reader since i was a little girl. I was really big on reading novels, that is, until i discovered manga. Now i read way more manga than i do novels. I still read the occasional novel though. So i really like manga and anime though i would rather read a manga than watch an anime. I've read hundreds of manga and only watched maybe 7? anime. Well as i discovered manga i also discovered yaoi manga which i must say, i probably read the most, but i always get sick of it and end up reading action and if i get sick of that i'll read shoujo and if i get sick of that i'll just read a regular novel. Now just because i read manga all the time doesnt mean i'm an anti-social otaku. I also go out with my friends a lot and i also played sports when i was in HS so now playing sports occasionally is a hobby of mine. Hmm what else.... I like to write fanfics too but i have yet to finish a single story even though i said i was going to finish two of them by last May -_- Welp, that's all i can think of at the moment.

Music i listen to: Basically everything
TV shows: Anything but reality shows, mostly cop shows like White Collar, Rizzoli & Isles, etc. oh and i love the Vampire Diaries too!
Novels i read: Everything; mainly Fantasy & Comedy.
Manga i read: Everything; mainly Yaoi and Action
Not a big fan of: Hardcore Sci-fi (It will really get me thoroughly confused, though i do read it once in a blue moon), Horror (I will have nightmares but i still read them but rarely)
Sports i like to watch: Anything but Golf and Bowling; favorite to watch is Hockey & Baseball
Sports i like to play: Anything (though i'm only good at a couple); favorite Baseball/Softball & Soccer
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Friends =)

Hello everyone! My name is Amie and I'm 30 years old, turning 31 this year in a few months. I've been on LJ for years, but was MIA for awhile. I've tried using other blogging sites, but I always seem to come back here. I don't have a lot of friends on my list, but am hoping to meet some cool people and read/comment on different entries.

So here's a little about me:

I was born and raised in Hawaii on the island of Oahu. I'm currently residing in California due to the fact that my husband is an active duty U.S. Marine who I'm very proud of. We recently moved here a few months ago, driving 4 long days through 6 states which was an experience I'll always remember. I've worked as a Lab Assistant for the past 8 years, but I'm currently unemployed. I've also worked part-time at Sephora and as a freelance makeup artist as a side job.

I'm a bit of a makeup and fashion junkie, but I don't post on that too much. I also love taking pictures, but I wouldn't deem myself a photographer. I love to write, I read all kinds of books from different genres as well as listen to a variety of music. I'm pretty open-minded and experimental. I'm also a homebody and as much as I love going out to different places and traveling, I indulge in simply spending quality time with my husband, dogs, and stepkids when we have them at home. I don't have any kids of my own as of yet, but we're planning to extend our family sometime in the near future.

I don't lead a super exciting life, but I make the most of everything I have.. I've had the pleasure of getting to experience many different opportunities and want nothing more than to share my everyday life with other people. Whether anyone reads or comments on my entries, this LJ is basically for me. Reading back on my previous LJ's was like a book I just couldn't put down. So I figure why not keep up with the writing while I still can and have the time to?

I was also divorced and am currently in my 2nd marriage and although the process was pretty clean cut, everything leading up to it, including the separation, was messy. So this is the first LJ I have where I'm actually leading a new life and I'm excited with all the new possibilities out there!

Add me if you want, and I'll add you back! I really have no stipulations or rules regarding who I add and don't. Everyone's different and unique and I'm cool with that! =)
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Hi, long time lj user with a very quiet friends page.

I like to use my journal for

life stuff
pondering stuff

I'm pretty well balanced and mostly positive. I am a buffet spiritualist and am a sort of live and let live person.
I have worked as a community counselor, medical advocate for people who have been sexual assaulted, aids hospice, at an herbal apothecary and am currently working teaching Crisis Management and creating programs for people with Developmental Disabilities.

I go through phases where I post a lot and then work keeps me busy for a while and I mostly just read during those time periods. I've had my journal since 2001 and I don't plan on going anywhere. If you have a look at my journal and it interests you feel free to add me.

I am looking forward to read people's daily lives. I love seeing what people are creating so if you like to make art that is a plus. I am ok with people who go to their journal to process stuff but if you post about cutting or suicide or your life is a total roller coaster all the time... please pass me by, thanks.