January 15th, 2013



Good evening :)

Lately my friends list feed has been rather quiet, since using this journal, starting from a couple of weeks ago and i want it to be as active as my previous journal starling27 which was awesome! But that may have been because 2012 was a very new and interesting year for me.

So far 2013 hasn't been too good for me, good screwed over for a job by an employer who offered me a job and set a start date, but instead due to a high volume of interest decided she would interview everyone instead. And didn't bother letting me know till i got there on my start date. Yada yada - i didn't get the job.

So currently living in literal poverty, holding onto to my internet connection by my teeth.

A little about me: i'm 28 years old, live with my fiancee who i've been with for nearly 3 years. We have a big furry family which includes: 2 cats, a bearded lizard, 2 chinchillas, a bunch of fish, a guinea pig and a hamster. We love animals a lot and aren't the type of couple who goes out drinking or clubbing.

I'm autistic and have a body clock disorder, i write articles for an online ezine called independent voice. I'm a freelance writer and jewellery maker. I've been out of work for a long time due to my poor health, but thanks(!) to the benefits reform (i'm from the south east of England) i'm back on the job market, haven't had much luck yet but i'm trying my hardest.

What i would like in a lj friend is someone i can get to know and become friends with, doesn't matter where you live! Ages from 20 -30, as anything older or younger we're probably not going to relate much.

Soooo... Come, be nosy, be friends, etc :) i'm an avid reader and commenter on entries i find interesting. :D

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like whoa.

From an online dating profile far, far away:

I love drama, mind games, bitches, and sluts. I have enough baggage to fill twelve airline compartments. I am here to waste your time.

That was totally tongue-in-cheek, by the way, but it's also sort of totally true. I'm a big weirdo who enjoys other big weirdos. I wanna read your big weird writing and hear your big weird thoughts.

You might also have seen me around as "cram"! Or "catlips"! Or "creepbait"! Or a half dozen other nicknames of future past. My journal is mostly friends-only at the moment, but I tend to post, read, and comment at least once a day. Feel free to add or remove or comment or ignore as you see fit.

the wolf with the red roses


So I've decided to try my hand at using the ol' LJ again, only come to find my friends list has slowed down to a considerable degree. I need new friends! Please help me on my glorious mission and add me.

A little background: my name is Vicki, 30, just broke (mutually & amicably, if painfully) with my boyfriend of 4 1/2 years, own two cats and am borrowing a third. I like books and music and photography and cooking, and a load of other interests that would be really tedious and lame to list. I live in Northern California and have most of my life, but recently moved to a teensy town two hours away from my usual haunts and am finding it rather lonely. I'm hoping it'll be the push to get me journaling more. :P