January 18th, 2013

Hypnotize You Baby

Seeking new LJ Friends

I have quite a lot of interests, describing them all here would likely be more than you care to read. Check out my User Info, many are listed there. I, also, don’t want it to seem like I am only interested in people like me. Quite the contrary, I think people not like me are pretty damn interesting, too. Though, I daresay, we will find common ground being fellow humans and all… ;-P

I’m not going to go into the usual demographic stuff like marital status, age, blah-blah. Because, quite frankly, I’m not interested in limiting my own friend-pool based on those potentially restricting criteria. Come as you are. I’ll be me and you just be you.

One note: I am fond of pictures, likely wherever you are is somewhere I haven’t been. What may seem common-place and everyday to you may be fascinating to me. Pictures are an awesome way to bring places to life for those of us who’ve never been there or experienced it as you have.

Check out my LJ and hopefully - looking forward to meeting you!

Seeking Friends, Who Will Stay....

( From my profile )

I am thirty years old. Pagan, weird and I can be eccentric at times as well. I use my journal quite often and read friends entries and respond to posts I understand. I first and for most consider myself as a spiritual being and then daughter. I feel very blessed for the human family that I have and I love them all very much. I have studied spiritual paths through out my life. I also think though that science, and technology are important too and as well as animals. I tend to write little blurbs in my journal. I write about family, health, and our pets. I am largely an indoors person. I am admiringly over weight and I want to try to be more healthy as well. Though that is often a struggle for me. I am very talkative and enjoy learning from other people as well.
I believe in a lot of different things and understand that my personal beliefs are unconventional and not for everyone but I respect everyone's point of views. So long as we don't have problems as what I believe in as well. I don't like to be judge and feel that is not my role in this life to judge you. If you are just seeking companionship and friendship please feel free to add.