January 29th, 2013


i just started LJ not to long ago and i just got back into it. and i am looking for new friends. i seen some of your intrests and the music you like and they fit with mine. thanks
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Age: 26 
Sex: Female
Location: Tennessee
Religious Affiliation: Muslim
Political Views: Liberal
Sexual Orientation: Lesbian
Passion In Life: Writing

This is my first time posting to add_me, so here's hoping for positive results.

About My Journal
I'm a relatively new Muslim convert, so many of my posts have been about my journey to Islam and my daily struggle to become a better Muslim. I moved back to TN from IL in December of 2011 and many of my posts over the past year have been about how unhappy I am about the move. I met a wonderful woman while I lived in IL and I've been using this journal in large part to finding ways of getting over her and living my life again. These things are not all that I write about, though. My posts are random and they are usually long. Writing is my one of my great passions in life, and I strive every time I put pen to paper to do it right. While I try to post on a regular basis, sometimes life gets in the way. I try to respond to every comment I receive on my entries and in return I promise to comment on your posts as much as possible. I am an open-minded and laid back person. It usually takes a lot to ruffle my feathers. These days I seem to be a very "go with the flow" type of person. I'm not a very judgmental person. I have convictions but I am tremendously respectful of others' personal choices and situations in life. If I say that I'm for or against something, it in no way means that I'm judging someone who might hold a different point of view from me. I firmly believe that we can all learn from each other.

Friends I'm Looking For
I am looking for open-minded, positive people who genuinely seem to enjoy life. If you're a Muslim, a lesbian or a writer then all the better for me. I know that people can't be positive and happy all the time. That's probably why most of us have a LJ, but I really don't want to be bombarded by people whose whole existence seems to constantly be under attack by a dementor. If you're incapable of refraining yourself from criticisms about my religion or sexuality, then don't bother adding me as a friend. It might sound rude, and I'm sorry for that, but I really have no tolerance for hatred. If you have a legitimate question about me, my religion or my sexual orientation, I am more than open to having an adult conversation. I'm looking forward to meeting people from all walks of life. I am interested in meeting people with a varied list of interests and activities.