February 8th, 2013


Let's be friends! =)

Hello everyone! I've been on LJ since 2003 under several different accounts and I have currently started writing again after taking a 2-year break. I've added several friends about a month ago and am wanting to add more awesome people into the mix. I really don't have a preference as to who adds me since I've always had a variety of people on my friend's list in the past. I do like to read other people's entries and get a general insight on their lives in comparison to mine. Everyone is different and just getting to know someone through their writing or pictures is a cool experience. It's sometimes so much easier to put yourself out there for the cyberworld to read than it is to talk to someone you know personally.

A little bit about me:

My name is Amie and I'm 30 years old. I was born and raised in Hawaii, but am currently residing in the sunshiney state of California. I'm currently married to a Marine, have 2 stepkids, but no kids of my own as of yet, mother to 2 dogs, and a stay-at-home wife for the time being. Reason for the latter is because I haven't been able to find a job out here, even with my 8 years of prior medical experience, for the life of me. I'm also a professional makeup artist (both having worked at a counter as well as freelance), but haven't really found anything around this area where I could apply those skills either. I'm still determined though and I tend to write about my efforts at job hunting and opportunities that come my way from time to time. I post pictures every so often, but not a whole lot. I've also made a lifestyle change when it comes to my eating. I'm currently on the track to eating clean and I also enjoy working out on a weekly basis. I do have a FaceBook, Twitter, and InstaGram, but I usually keep all of that separate from my LJ unless you choose to follow me that is.

I'm very open-minded and non-judgemental which is probably why I get along with so many people. I do consider myself to be a Christian, but at the same time I have some opposing views. I guess you could say I generally believe in doing what's right for the human race and we all have free will, our own opinions, and our own likes and dislikes. One of my best friends is gay and another one of my long time friends is an athiest so whatever you believe is your own business. I do like to share extraordinary moments which I believe my faith plays a part in, but I don't push my beliefs off on anyone.

I'm a big sports fan. Since football season is done, there won't be too much talk about that for now, but then again basketball season is up and going and the playoffs are just around the corner. I'm very feminine and girly, but at the same time I do have a tomboy side to me...probably leftover traits I brought into my adulthood from my adolesence. I'm also a gamer and have an XBox 360, a Wii (which I'll be trading in soon for the WiiU), a 3DS, and a PS Vita. Some may call it immature of me to still be playing these kinds of games, but in truth if men can do it during their adulthood, so can I.

I'm pretty chill and open to anything and anyone who wants to become friends on here. So despite our similiarities and our differences, add me if you want! =)
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Hia :)

After a little hiatus, I've found my way back to LJ where I can share my life and delve into the lives of fellow friends. Unfortunately, my f-list is not as active as it once was. I am looking forward to active friendships with anyone whom chooses I am interesting enough.
About Me:
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My name is Rachel.
I'm 24 years young.
I'm a Scorpio.
I just received my undergraduate degree for Psychology.
I work as a Residential Counselor for the mentally disabled.
What Interests me:
Pretty much anything nerdy. I am a movie and tv show fanatic when it comes to science fiction and fantasy.
I play video games, new and old.
Spending time with my friends and going out on the weekends.
What I Write About:
Funny Stories and life happenings
Random social media that catches my interest
Recipes I find notable
Reviews on games, books, TV shows, movies, etc.

Looking for nature nerds to unite! BWAHAHAHAHA!

Alright seriously? I need some awesome new friends to add to my ever growing collection of awesome friends :) About me...well I'm 35 but I think I'm somewhere in my 20's mental wise. I freakin' LOVE nature, in fact I'm kind of a bit of a nature nut :) I like it all :) But in particular I have a THING for horses. Loooooove me some horses, own 2. I also own 3 dogs, 3 cats. Blended family for the win. I also love photography and may on the odd occasion go a bit spammy with my photos but I swear they go under cuts :) I love to travel as well and will be heading to Europe in about 3 months.

I am also childfree. I don't mind a bit of chatter about kids but if that's all you write about then nuh-uh, no. And I'm an Australian, born in Poland, Aussie since I was 5 :) And I'm a massive book fan :D

What I look for in a friend:
1. open minded - if you are anti-gay, anti-choice, racist or a religious psychopath, no thanks.
2. Likes animals :)
3. Look, I'm not a huge fan of fan-fic, don't mind it in on LJ as I just skip through and I know it brings people a lot of pleasure, but just yeah no if that's all you post.
4. Be yourself :)