February 9th, 2013

Rubiks Cube


Hey! My name is Bot, or at least that's what I prefer to go by on the internet. The name was chosen before I knew what an actual 'bot' was or that they even existed, so just in case anyone's wondering I can assure you that I am indeed a real person. I'm looking for new friends because my tiny F-list, though full of great people, has been very quiet lately.

My profile sums me up fairly well, but to be very brief, I like thinking and learning and languages, and I post about my life and my ideas and how I'm feeling and occasionally short pieces I write. I'm a bit younger than most of the people posting here, but so far I've had no problems with that when speaking to my other friends. Sometimes I'm down but most of the time I'm upbeat and try to be funny, and I log on every day to read and comment on my friends' entries even if I don't post my own.

Whoever you are, whatever you feel and believe or want to write on your own journal--I won't judge. I know that's rather typical of anyone posting here but it's important, so I thought I'd say it anyways. I'm looking for people who post fairly often and also who post about a variety of things--if 8/10 of your entries are just chapters of that new thing you're writing, that's great for you (really!), but we might not be for each other, as I'm looking to get to know people and not just read a story. I comment as much as I can on the entries of my friends that I feel I understand, but if a post is about something I don't know about I'll refrain because I don't want to be disrespectful. I love receiving comments, I really do, and as I get very few of them right now I'm looking for friends who will post more.

Some things about me:
-I very rarely watch TV, so there is a 99% chance I will not understand TV fandoms.
-I also very rarely listen to music, and when I do it's Vocaloid.
-I like tea and books and will on occasion get overly excited about buying them.
-I really don't have professional knowledge about anything.
-I like giving ehugs, especially if people are sad.

Sorry if the post was too long!

(Please drop me a comment before adding!)