February 10th, 2013



I have a marginally crooked nose and an astonishingly low level of intelligence.  As we are apt to wish for what we do not have, I often find myself desiring an astonishingly crooked nose and a marginally low level of intelligence.  Attempts to further bend my proboscis have not resulted in increased intellect

People tell me that my tendency towards self-deprecation makes things awkward.  I am generally very sorry about everything all the time.  But it is merely a flimsy guise to divert attention from my ardent adoration of the universe entire.  I am embarrassingly impressed by reality's variegated display.  Raindrops, roses, kitten's whiskers and related minutiae have the ability to propel me into fits of unmitigated bliss.  I also like people, but unfortunately I am a recovering loner with no social skills

When I am not shyly regarding my dog-bitten shoes or mumbling mildly philosophical nonsense in an effort to appear attentive, I am very devoted to singing, drawing and writing.  These are my dearest treasures and I delight in them.  I also love books, poetry, nature, walking and a lot of other things that sound tremendously dull.

I am currently undergoing the process of learning how to function in the world of ordinary people who have jobs and friends and cars and so forth; until recently I have lived a mildly unconventional, isolated existence involving travel, deep solitude and a lot of reading.  The adventure of being among people my own age for the first time, and of trying to be independent, and at least apparently normal, is an interesting one, as is the journey of attempting to make a living as an artist and musician.

More generally, I am a twenty-three-year-old girl from Australia who doesn't watch television or drink alcohol or do anything very scandalous.

I would love to be friends with anyone and everyone, and most particularly to those interested in such things as music, art, writing and philosophy - or anything creative.

Thank you :)



My name is anonymous, I tend to keep it that way. I used to have a journal before, but lost the email, password, you know the deal. I'm not exactly perfect, I'm not exactly wise, I'm not exactly sane, here's the reasons why... I stumble when I walk, fall flat on my face, sometimes then I feel like a disgrace. I didn't finish high school due to health issues that I go through, judge me not and I won't too. Sanity is flattery at it's best, insanity is comfort in the brain to nest.

Sorry if I sounded like Dr. Suess, actually I did rather enjoy it.

I think I'll leave you folks with that for now, I like it when people ponder.

Hope to hear from some people soon, =)

Live, laugh, love.

Hi there everyone, my name is Valérie. I am looking to make some new friends on here because I know there are some pretty awesome people out there worth being friends with. I have always been lucky with this community with my previous LiveJournal accounts, so let’s try this thing again. Shall we? Let's start. More about me below.

I am 28 years old and live in south west Québec. Yes, I am French Canadian. But all my entries are written in English. I am an only child and I lost my Dad one week before my 4th birthday. I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder when I was 21. I have lived on my own since May 2006. My friends say that I am kind and passionate about the fandoms.

I am the friend of most and the enemy of a few. I am spending way too much time on my laptop. His name is Sammy. Yes, I named it after my favorite character in Supernatural. *giggles nervously* So? Is there a problem? I am sure that you cannot blame me. I cannot work at the moment because of my unavailability. That is a bit complicated.

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I can feel you silently judging me after reading that. No worries. You are not the only one. I am going to try to make a huge effort in writing (at least) one entry daily and leaving comments to my friends’s entries. But I am going to read everything that you are posting. I am sorry but there is a chance that my entries will make no sense sometimes.

I am very friendly once you get past the all-encompassing love for the beloved Moose. I can complain sometimes too. No one is perfect. I do not bite (very much) I do promise you. Hugs and smooches to each of you if you read the entire thing. I hope to meet from some of you sooner or later. You have questions? Do not hesitate and ask. Namárië.
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