February 11th, 2013

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fairly new here still

Hey there, and nice to meet you. My name is Tisha, and I am looking to make some friends around here. I have made a few friends on here so far, but I have always liked talking to new people online, so I was hoping to get to know you. Few things you should know about me.


1. I am 24 years old and live on my own in a small town in pa. I don't get out much because of not having transportation (license, no car) as well as not having many friends. Have been trying to socialize, but with no car it is difficult.


2. I have borderline personality disorder and manic depression, and I write about that a lot. It makes relationships hard, which is why I like writing here. It helps me think, and the advice I get has helped a lot.


3. I read a lot of books, especially chick lit. It helps me escape. If you have any recommendations let me know.


4. I am a huge Disney fan. Belle is my favorite princess, and is the one I relate to most.


5. I read all my friends posts, but as I only have a cell sometimes it acts up and I can't post comments. I always try to though. Please try to post comments, want to interact with people.


7. I do post pics with my entries to keep it interesting, usually from movie clips, that kind of go with how I am feeling or what I am saying. Trying to hard, or just creative? I'll go with creative.


8. I do videos on YouTube as a voice over actor (amateur). If you are involved in that kind of stuff there let me know would love to collab.


9. I am very opinionated and speak my mind. If you can't handle that, this isn't the journal for you.


If you want to know anything, just ask, I am pretty open. If you add me, let me know so that I can add you back.


Hope to hear from you

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