February 13th, 2013


So this is about my fortieth livejournal account. I want to start using it more regularly instead of in random fits and spurts.. So mostly I can say I will post poetry, entries about movies I become obsessed with, and things that happen to me that are embarrassing or confusing :) I also take a lot of pictures, so you could expect a good amount of those probably.

About me! I'm 22, I live in North Carolina, I have three cats (for now) and I really really love to cook. Exchanging recipes is always exciting, yes? 
I like reading and writing, herbal medicine, cinematography, travelling, and making my friends dress up so I can take pictures of them. If you like any of those things, we will probably get along :)

thanks for reading!

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Hello. I am somewhat new here. I wont give you my exact age as i feel age is irrelevant ,I am somewhere between 25-35. Looking to make friends. I don't care how old you are or where you are from 12 random facts about me.

1. I like to write but have dyslexia when it comes to writing so its discouraging.
2. I love to read, my favorite types of books are chick lit, witches, books about women's rights and social issues.
3. I have a HUGE fear of rejection.
4. I can cook and write fan fiction. the only things I feel I am good at.
5. I love wine and want to re learn how to knit.
6. I like all kinds of music, 90s and 80s dance and rock are my favorite
7. I have anxiety. I have only told two people. One thinks I am doing it on purpose, the other suffers from a variety of behavioral disorders and thinks I am just like him. It makes me terrified to tell anyone else.
8. I love weather I think its fascinating
9. 90% I am attracted to men but the 10% of the time I find a women attractive I feel more then I did about any man.
10. I love sitcoms
11. I can find the humor in most things.
12. I am not superstitious except for when it comes to the number 13, perhaps thats why I am only writing 12 things.
Well If you still dont think I am a freak then add me.
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Looking for New E-Friends

Age: 34
Sex: Female
Geographic Area: Michigan
Relationship Status: Married
Family Status: No kids
Pets: 1 Rat Terrier named Spam

Hobbies: Disc golf, yoga, vegan/vegetarian/raw cooking (although I eat meat too currently), writing poetry, kayaking, hiking, camping, and birdwatching.  I listen to a variety of alternative rock and indie bands but I love most music in general.

Personal: I have bipolar disorder I and so I use my journal to write about my feelings and mental health experiences.

Work: I'm currently unemployed but I'm returning to school soon to become a certified Nursing Assistant.

I can't think of anything else to share at the moment but if you have any questions to ask me, feel free.  I'm pretty open and I respect people of all backgrounds.
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