February 14th, 2013

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Not dead.

「my name is」 ・・・ andy
「i am」 ・・・ twenty
「i am also」 ・・・ very much a woman
「i live in」 ・・・ canada

essentially, that's it.

some of my favourite bands include my chemical romance, the used, 홀린, bon iver and florence + the machine.

i used to love drawing, playing the guitar, the violin, and ballroom dancing, but depression and severe anxiety have taken a lot of those passions away. i've started drawing again, however, so that's something.

i really love supernatural, doctor who, scrubs, bbc sherlock (but, really, any incarnation of him), young adult literature, and really just books in general. i'm not much into the graphic novel scene yet, but my boyfriend's desperately trying to fix that, and i'm very willingly letting him do as he pleases. i do love blankets. and locale.

if any of this hits a chord, pm me. email me. call me text me i don't even care you could just comment with "hi" and i'll consider us friends.
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