February 16th, 2013


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→ am 27 years old
→ born 'n' raised in Boston, MA
→ only child, parents divorced when i was 11
→ taken
→ libra
→ have some medical stuff


→ johnny depp
→ harrison ford
→ skulls, polka dots, glitter
→ starbucks, ice coffee, caffeine
→ texting, singing, dancing, naps
→ dogs, animal rights, anything with disney
→ photography, make up, bright colors, love, etc


→ migraines, seizures, surgeries
→ overplayed songs, spiders, flying

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what i write in my journal

I vent bout my medical stuff, what I struggle with on a daily basis, my relationships with my parents.. my daily life.. etc. if you think we got anything in common comment on this entry or my friends only post before adding me. :D

Hey there!

About me:

- 26 years old (will be 27 in april)
- Aries/Tiger in the western and chinese zodiacs.
- Swedish

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I'm not really new to livejournal because I've had a few in the past, but I needed to start over with something fresh.
My journal will be full of my every day life, stuff about my favorite bands (they're on my profile if you'd like to know more), opinions on different things and whatever I feel like posting at the time.
I work at a stable and horses are a huge part of my life so there'll probably be a few posts about riding and such from time to time.
I also like to read, draw and travel.
Music is important to me and I like going to festivals in the summer if I can afford to.
You can probably tell that I like Mass Effect from looking at my picture, but I also like gaming in general. I play a lot of RPG's (mostly Mass Effect but also Skyrim and Dragon Age).
When it comes to movies I love Wes Anderson's work, but also science fiction, action and fantasy stuff.
I like comics too, mostly X-men and The Umbrella Academy but I'm open to anything. (HUGE nerd, lalala. XD)

Add me if you would like to know more because I'm really bad at talking about myself like this.