February 17th, 2013

Secret Zinger

fauna and flora

"The beauty and genius of a work of art may be re-conceived, though its first material expression be destroyed;

a vanished harmony may yet again inspire the composer;

but when the last individual of a race of living beings breathes no more,

another heaven and another earth must pass before such a one can be again."

-- William Beebe, The Bird, 1906

My name is Reanna. I hail from Phoenix, Arizona and I am fascinated by the science of nature.
I am an animal rescuer and rehabilitator with a current focus on exotic species. I've worked at a Zoo & Aquarium as assistant keeper for small mammals and I am the Cat Nutrition Specialist at an Organic / Holistic dog and cat food company.

Animals i've worked with include, but are not limited to; dogs, cats, exotic domestic birds (lovebirds, macaws, parakeets, cocktails, etc.), ferrets, bush babies, kinkajous, tamarins, marmosets, foxes, fruit bats, meerkats, squirrels, sloths, agoutis, bettongs, porcupines, squirrel monkeys, ostriches, hedgehogs, tenrics, exotic small rodents, and much more.

I am highly fascinated in Zoology, Animal Nutrition, Conservation Biology, Animal Rights, Vegetarianism / Veganism, Atheism, and Animal Rescue.

I am an Atheist, Socialist, and Feminist.

My temperament and outlook on life can most easily be described by Mark Twain's The Damned Human Race.
Yes, I do value animals above people.

My life is very much comprised of animals, philosophy, and death.

I am making an effort to update my blog more frequently, and I always appreciate new readers and new people to lurk in return.

Below the cut will be a taste of what you can expect to see. (Pictures taken by me).

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I'm always open to meeting and getting to know new (likeminded) people.
Feel free to add.
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Hello there!

Ok, so here I am. I've had LJ since 2005 I think but I stopped using it for quite a while and now I'm trying to keep it up again.
So, I'm 26, I live in Mexico and I'm a translator, so I spent a lot of time home, working in medical manuals. Not the most interesting thing, but it's enough for now.
I write in both English and Spanish, it mostly depends on my mood for the day, most of the time I try to write my entries in both languages.
I LOVE reading, it's what I do most, so I'd love to meet some people who share this interest to talk and recommend some books. :D
I also love cats, anything Disney, movies and of course languages (I wouldn't have studied it otherwise. :P)
What else would you like to know?
My entries are mostly about my daily life. Anything that happens that I think funny or just important enough to share it, about my activities and how they went (I study piano, japanese archery and aikido), my opinion on books I've read, and occasional rants that can be confusing because I don't give away much context when they are about my love life.
I think that's it.
I hope some of you are interested, and that you don't mind two languages going around on a journal.
Have a good day.