February 21st, 2013

Friend Fishing!


My name is Brittany and I am a 27 year old living in the Washington DC area. I write daily about the ridiculousness that is my life. I've been a loyal LJ-er for 5 years now and have met some amazing friends online and in real life and I'm eager to meet more!

About me:
I currently work for the federal government as a budget analyst. I bitch about work alot and struggles to maintain a work/life balance. I am currently in my second year of graduate school obtaining my Master's in Community Counseling. My goal is ito work with military veterans. I stress alot about holding a full time job AND going to school full time but in the end its all worth it to reach my goals.

Right now i'm single but for the past 8 months I was involved in an intense relationshippy type thing with someone and things just haven't gone as planned there. I write alot about my dissatisfaction with my dating life and my trials and tribulations. I really don't want to live a Sex and the City life but in a way I'm living an abbreviated cat lady version of it!

Speaking of cats, I'm mommy to a 2 1/2 year old tuxedo cat named Lilly. She is my boo thang and I love her to pieces. I recently became a foster mom to a kitty named Precious who may just end up being another permanent furbaby.

I talk alot about my friends and my long ass Quarter Life Crisis which never seems to end. I have also been diagnosed with General Anxiety Disorder (GAD) so I talk about the challenges of that!

Disclaimer: If you are looking for a person who comments on every single entry, then I'm not the one. I'm a firm believer in only commenting with I have something of value to add. I'm not a fan of the generic "Wow it really sucks that you had a bad day" type comments.  I try to be meaningful in my interactions. I do read everything though! :)

jung yonghwa~<3


Hi Everyone! I'm Akira, female, still in high school~

I'm really into writing, mostly fiction, though I do dabble in fanfiction and poetry, I play the flute and am pretty passionate about that; I hope to major in music someday and play in a big orchestra for money 8D I like to think I'm pretty upbeat, though like every other teenage out there, I do have my rant moments :p I'm really into k-pop and k-dramas, though I do listen to some j-pop and sometimes, give the occasional mainstream western song a try, as long as it's got a good beat :p

Most of my LJ is about my life, because I think documenting how you are can be pretty hilarious when you're older and you look back, and I do post some writing I feel a little less self-conscious about, and the occasional kpop spaz post :p

Other things I'm into are debating, disney, fairytales, public speaking, fashion, and photography! Most of my posts can be a little...spaz heavy about whichever specimen of the male species I'm interested in at the moment, but right now, there is no one, so we're all good~ :p

If we have anything in common, let's be friends!~ Also, do check out my profile if you'd like to know more~~   


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Looking for.... you! :)

Hi everyone,

I've just re-joined LJ after a long period of being absent. I miss it and I miss the lovely people who are still on here!
So now I am looking to make some new friends.

I'm Lilly, 24 year old native dutch, but living in England.

Some things I love:
Animals & nature, reading books, cooking/baking, languages, movies, travelling, clothes, marillion, cosplay, wrestling, Tom Hardy, dancing and muuuuch more.

Some series I enjoy are: Game of Thrones, The Mentalist, Bomb Girls &Sherlock. I'm usually a little too lazy to get into new series :I but i'm open to suggestions for good stuff!

Things I don't like are.... well the obvious things I suppose, haha.

My lj will be mainly used as a place to talk about things I do in my everyday life, pictures I take or things that are on my mind.
It would be nice if we have some interests in common, since otherwise my posts would just bore you, haha.
I'm also hoping to find a few more lesbian/bisexual friends. I'm bisexual (not the Katy Perry kind...) and I find it sad sometimes that I know so little people who I can relate to/relate to me about these kind of matters.

Well.... I'm not sure what else to say.... but I hope some of you will be my friend! :)