February 27th, 2013

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I previously posted in some of these communities and my entry was pretty bare so I thought I'd give it another shot.

I've been reading through and adding people on here. Some of you sound really amazing. So, when trying to think of something unique to write about myself to make every one of you awesome people want to add me, I have been startlingly blank.

Lets start with that.

I'm 29. I'm from California. I'm pretty ordinary, non-eventful, and off live journal tend to be pretty reserved. I try to be a ~good~ person. Ya know.. considerate, polite, treat others as you want to be treated, all that mess. I love to travel. I've traveled more than probably the ~average~ person (I'm always up to chat about it) and I am very grateful for the opportunities I've had to do it. However, now its time for me to start a career. I've been working on that stressful situation and probably will be for awhile to come. I usually try to maintain a positive vibe but I do confess to using my journal to vent. I always appreciate a different POV, and even if I dont agree, I respect it. I appreciate you to do the same. I love to read and find that I can get lost in a book and the day(s) will fly by. I love all forms of art and a very broad taste in music, depending on mood. Unfortunately, I wasn't gifted with talent in either but I certainly admire others work.

I read my friends-list pretty much every day. Sometimes life gets in the way but I try to update and at least say I'll be MIA. I comment regularly in an effort to get to know my friends. I'm well past my partying-every-night stage so I dont really care for it to be the only thing I read about in my friends, save it for facebook :), thanks.

Oh, maybe I'm a bit self-deprecating. There! Found something unique.......oh wait... anyway. Before this becomes a tl;dr post: Friends?

Hi All

Hi all~
I'm looking to make some new friends who share similar interests and enjoy writing about their lives like I do.

About me
※ I don't use my real name online, I use the name miyabi and my friends call me miya online.
※ I'm currently working as an Assistant Language Teacher in Japan, teaching English to Junior High and Elementary school kids.
※ I'm 27 years old, from Singapore but currently living in Japan since last August.
※ I'm in a long distance relationship with my boyfriend until I go home this August.
※ I'm Chinese and majored in Japanese Studies in University. I speak English, Chinese and Japanese. Some of my entries have some Japanese/Chinese in it, and I occasionally write in Japanese/Chinese, but most of my entries (90%) are in English.

My interests
※ Travelling
※ Blogging
※ Snowboarding
※ Language, interpretation and translation
※ Exploring new cultures
※ Anime, manga and Jpop, though I spend very little time on them now.
※ Online gaming

What I post
※ My teaching life (I sometimes rant about how difficult teaching is, but I really love my kids)
※ My life far away from home
※ My travels in Japan
※ My long distance relationship
※ About Japan and Singapore
※ Anything else random :)

I'm looking for open-minded people who enjoy writing and reading entries. You don't have to comment on every entry. I don't do that either.

My entries are generally long, full of photos and I post quite frequently. My LiveJournal is not locked, so pop by and if you think we can be friends, drop me a comment or add me. ^_^