February 28th, 2013

I'm just that awesome...

I'm back on LJ after a hiatus and want to infuse some energy into my friends' list to accompany my well-loved friends that already reside there.

Things you should know about me:

  • I moved in with my elderly parents to help take care of my Dad who has Alzheimer's.

  • I have two boys: Erik who is 13 and Logan who is 2.

  • I'm 35.

  • I'm taken, as in I've been married for almost 17 years.

  • I'll probably analyze your mental status, but I won't tell you the results.

  • I do the occasional freelance work from home but I'm pretty much a SAHM / Caregiver full time.

  • I knit and sew.

  • Once in a blue moon I'll fancy myself a photographer and pictures will appear.  Fear them not.

  • My eldest son and myself make videos that we post to you tube for our own amusement.  Some of them are animated shorts, some home movies...but most of them are videos based in games we play online.

  • I play World of Warcraft...so does my husband and my oldest son.

  • Occasionally my journal has sexual content whether related to just a random thought or stories that I write...it does occur and its always clearly flagged for your comfort.

  • Speaking of stories, writing is one of my main hobbies.  I've had a few things published here and there but mostly I just write for myself and whoever wishes to read along.  Many years ago I used to write in one of the Harry Potter fan-fiction groups, but I rarely do any fan-fiction anymore unless specifically requested.  The stories are flagged and filtered to keep from annoying those who don't wish to see them.

  • I'm Pagan, but I don't care what your religious affiliation is. Feel free to or not to ramble about your spiritual views all you want.

  • I'm bisexual and it really isn't a huge deal but I've had people flip out over it.  So I'm putting it out in the open so you know ahead of time.

  • I have this tendency to get tired of my hair and just give myself an impromptu haircut.  Its why scissors were invented.

You might want to read my interests so you don't get any surprises to make sure we mesh.

I don't have any major requirements as far as friends go.  I know you have your own life so let's just promise to share in the moments as we go, shall we?
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