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Hello there ladies and gentlemen, I'm Zia. I currently live in Osaka, Japan. I work two different jobs and am in a long distance relationship with a man I can only meet every couple of months. I speak English, Spanish and Japanese.  Some of my most recent interests include things like tea ceremonies, exercising, cooking, travel, taking pictures, dancing, fishing and writing.  I also enjoy the occasional Asian Drama and Doctor Who rules my life.

I'm an inquisitive person. If you're the type who is easily annoyed by questions, we most likely won't hit it off. I love analyzing things I don't understand. I consider myself open minded and am always up for a good debate. I hate arguing for the sake of arguing. I'm a bit reckless when it comes to my own well-being, but I am extremely protective of my friends.

I'm known for dancing in public without a care. Laughing out loud in even the quietest of places does not embarrass me. I'm a motivator. I like to push people to try new things and step out of their comfort zones.

These days, I write about my weight-loss journey, social commentaries, daily life and odd situations I tend to get myself in to. Though many of my friends will describe me as the strongest person they know, I'm actually quite insecure and sometimes write about this as well.  My journal is usually photo-heavy.
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I'm Jena

Hi everyone! I'm Jena. I've been a Livejournaler for 11 years.. and have kept my same journal. I'm 25 now and, needless to say, I am a lot different than I was when I started posting at 14!

I live in NC and live with my soon to be husband...we're getting married in October, he's been a hugely positive influence in my life. No kids as of yet but I have baby FEVER and I want one badly even though I know we're not financially ready. We have two cats, love them lots. :) I like to read (White Oleander, currently), I like music (although it's not a big part of my life), I play video games (Zelda, currently), I cook, love TV (Dexter, Breaking Bad, True Blood, Community, House, Rome...the list goes on) and I work a lot (teller at a bank).

I post about day to day stuff.. my musings, my thoughts. I'm trying to figure out who I am and find it interesting to self-reflect. I enjoy getting other point of views on things, although I am very opinionated and you probably won't sway me on something I am set on.

I am an atheist and am very outspoken about it. Not to say I can't be friends with religious folks.. but if that's a HUGE part of your life, we might not be a good match. I'm also fairly liberal and tend to be a bit outspoken about politics as well, although I enjoy a good debate with people who have differing views and can actually defend their stance.

I post about dieting and weight loss... I am currently doing Weight Watchers. I used to be fairly eating disordered... I lost 100lbs in high school/early college by starving myself. I'm trying to normalize now and maintain a reasonable weight.

Pretty much everyone has left LJ that I used to be friends with, so I'm looking for lots of new friends. I'd like to meet people who are similar to me but also would really enjoy meeting people who are much different than I am as well. Some of the friends I've most enjoyed having over the years were ones from other countries.. so interesting to see their perspective on things going on in the US!

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Looking forward to getting to know many of you! :)

It's an acronym of my name

hey, i'm jamie. i honestly don't know what to say about myself that would make people want to add me. but i love lists so i'll make a list of some things about me, some good, some bad, some...well you decide :)

  • amateur photographer

  • stay at home mommy

  • tattooed

  • slytherin

  • sister to 4

  • natural blonde

  • single

  • divorced

  • mother to the most amazing boy ever

  • he's autistic

  • believes that's a gift not a curse

  • gamer

  • brony

  • pierced

  • older than you will come to believe

  • owned by one 13 yr old cat

  • pack mates with a 13 yr old dog

  • pale

  • zombie

  • guitarist

  • roleplayer

  • moderator

  • midnight toker

  • sinner

  • daughter

  • obsessed with boxes

  • gay man trapped in a woman's body

  • recently addicted to minecraft

  • high school graduate

  • pansexual

  • fat

  • decepticon

  • rainbow dash

  • you want waffles?

  • green eyed lady

  • monster

  • steve-o signed my boob once

that should be enough for now i suppose. please leave me a comment here if you plan to add me so i don't think you're a spammer and block you. 
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