March 14th, 2013



My name is Jas, I am 32 and I hail from the middle of nowhere in Michigan.
I'm looking for people to get to know from all walks of life, corners of the globe, etc.
We don't have to have everything in common, but something to break the ice would be awesome.

I'm a freelance novelist who works at Wal-Mart to pay the bills.
I'm a homebody who would much rather hang out at the house than go to a bar or party.
Currently I live with my parents but in July, I'm moving in with my fiance.
We're doing things a little 'old school' in that we're getting married before we live together or start our family.
We haven't even had a sleep over but I'm frequently over there until 2 in the morning.

I describe myself as an open minded bisexual democrat who probably watches way too much MSNBC.
I love reading and am currently working on Beth Revis's 'Across the Universe' trilogy, 'Enders Game' by Orson Scot Card and a couple of other titles.
I'll give anything a fair shot, but I'm NOT a huge fan of cheesy romance or things that delve too far into fantasy.

I write a great deal of Supernatural fan fiction.  I also am working on my novels, not as much as I SHOULD, but I poke a stick at them almost every day.